Thursday, February 9, 2012

To Do...Or Not To Do

I'm reaaaaally ready for a weekend. I'm simultaneously sleepy and wired. That might have something to do with my dinner that consisted of a handful of chocolate eggs and tea. Anyway, I've got a lot of big ideas and plans for this weekend, so I figure it best to make a list.

Things I Want To Do This Weekend
* Shower
* Join a gym (or at least run on the treadmill here)
* Stage an elaborate play featuring the two cats as Romeo and Juliet (RoMEOW and Juliet?) on a stage fashioned out of of the impenetrable cat gate
* Clean my room and do laundry
* Eat a salad
* Wash my car
* Go to a movie
* Wear a matching outfit
* Meet up with friends
* Start a new trend
* Design a better way of organizing the Internet
* Decoupage something
* Drop 10 pounds to fit into old clothes

Things I ACTUALLY Will Do This Weekend
* Pretend to shower by wearing my hair in a ponytail all weekend and sticking dryer sheets in my pockets
* Drive to gym, get frustrated by the lack of close parking and call it a day
* Run away from the cats at least 3 times when they try and rub up on my legs
* Stay in bed all day so I can't see how messy my floor is, go shopping for new clothes instead of doing laundry
* Eat a bag of chocolate and a brick of cheese
* Decide it's too cold to wash my car
* Watch an America's Next Top Model marathon followed immediately by a Dane Cook movie of some kind that will inevitably be playing on Comedy Central
* Put on sweatpants
* Tell friends I'm super busy (NOT watching an ANTM marathon...) and can't meet them out for social activities. Stay in sweatpants.
* Search Pinterest in the hopes of discovering a new trend. Then copy.
* Design a better way of organizing my Pinterest boards
* Learn what "decoupage" means
* Order new clothes online that I know will be too big so that when I try them on, I will feel like I've lost 10 pounds

Looks like I've got a busy weekend ahead of me. Better get started! (Ooh, good news! I'm already in sweatpants!) Have a great weekend, everyone!

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