Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kid Friendly

The bad news is that tomorrow is Monday. The GREAT news is that I have the day off! Thanks, Presidents Day! I basically have zero plans, which is just wonderful. I really need the day off because I'm still recovering from the past couple days.

The graffiti party was tops. It was really pretty funny because in COLLEGE, people were SUPER ready to scribble all over shirts. Especially the front of the shirts. Especially the front of GIRLS shirts. So you can imagine my surprise when 3 hours into the party, the front of almost every girl's shirt was blank. Sure the backs and sleeves were covered in Sharpie, but the fronts were blank. That's what you get when there are a bunch of grown ups who respect physical boundaries, I guess.

Anyway, on Friday night, I went bowling with 3 of my nieces, my nephew, my sister and my mom. We bowled for two hours, I got beat in both games by my nephew Gus. Who is in third grade. Cheater. Then we ate pizza, played arcade games, chose prizes and got back in the car. It was like 8 p.m. and I nearly fell asleep on the car ride home. It is EXHAUSTING being a kid for even a couple hours. I don't know how they do it.

I don't get to hang out with Gus and his older sister, Rachel very much. They live alllllllllll the way in Iowa. Okay, so that's only like 3 hours away, but still. Rachel pointed out tonight that I haven't been to their house in two years - "I was in 4th grade then Pharon!" I felt really bad. Rachel and Gus are two of the absolute greatest kids ever. They aren't like other people's kids who are annoying and scream and fight and all snot all over everything. They are AWESOME. They're interesting and smart. I decided that young people get way cooler once they can start beating me at games.

After spending so much time with kids this weekend, I realized that I should probably spend more time with kids. I like the same things they do. Demi Lovato songs, naps, the Disney channel, painting my nails to look like a zebra (I got some sweet zebra print sticker-nail things this weekend), talking about boys, eating mac n' cheese, wearing child-sized shoes, passing notes, doing crafts, picking my nose...wait, no, not that last one. Pretty much everything else rules, though.

So, tomorrow I guess I'll wake up, eat some Trix and try to find the prize in the box, play at the playground, take a nap, eat a PB&J, run around the yard for no real reason, do some homework, take another nap, sit too close to the TV, eat some mac n' cheese, secretly three-way call a boy that my friend likes, eat some ice cream, and then hit the sheets after cutting my own bangs. Sounds like a big day. I'd better get my rest...

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