Monday, October 17, 2011

An Update from Down South

Oh my lovely Squares!! How I've missed you all! I gave myself a couple days respite from blogging since I've been away, y'all. In Alabummer, to be exact. And I want to tell you allllll about it when I'm officially off my vacay time.

But here's a quick update to keep you interested in my fabulous, glamorous life. I, Pharon Square, finally caved and got myself an iPhone. Huzzah! So, I'm writing to you from this far superior telephonic communications device. I can't wait to see "sent from my iPhone" for the first time! (What was that I was just saying about my "fabulous, glamorous" life?)

So, I'm traveling still and am really looking forward to getting home. However, I had a great time with Geo, and Alabummer turned out to be a very pleasant (read: not murderous) city! And, wait. What's that? A TAN LINE? In Minnesota? In OCTOBER?! That's a-okay in my book.

Okay, I'll give you all the dirty deets from the dirty south tomorrow night. Until then, stay cool y'all!

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