Sunday, October 9, 2011

From Apples to Zombies

Here's what I did this weekend.


Zombie Boy Scouts! It was, overall, a great time. Kim and I got a weeeeeeeeeeee bit overwhelmed at one point and ended up ditching the rest of our group in St. Paul to head back to Sanityville (a.k.a. Minneapolis). And we got back home before midnight. As far as zombies go, we were pretty tame.

Because I had taken it kind of easy last night, and got home early, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning when my whole family went to an apple orchard. We spent the day together, as we do every year on this date because it was just 4 years ago that we lost my beautiful niece Sophia to SIDS. So, we spend the day together, having fun and enjoying time with family.

We were wandering through the apple orchard, picking apples, and I hear this big, juicy crunnnnch behind me. Prinna had taken a big ol' bite of her first apple. I was all "You can't EAT those! You haven't washed it! And I don't think they're free!" She looked at me like I was still dressed as a zombie or something. She slowly replies "Pharon, um, it's an APPLE ORCHARD. That's what you do here. And you don't NEED to wash them. Just rub them on your pants or something." I guess my outdoor skills were a little rusty.

I ended up eating, like, 4 delicious, fresh-picked apples this afternoon as we strolled through the sunshine, dodging bugs and side-stepping crushed apples. When we got back to the main building, though, I decided my apples were too small so I tucked the bag between a couple shelves, and proceeded to get a $15 bag of apples instead. Hey, you can take the girl out of the city...

So, I got a taste of both the nightlife and the outdoors this weekend, and both were long overdue. Thanks to everyone for such a great weekend!

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