Monday, October 24, 2011

Putting the NICE in NIECE

I have silly string in my hair. Glitter all over my jeans. A slight ringing in my ears from a couple hours of screaming. And my blood is roughly 60% sugar. What have I been up to, you ask? Well, I've either been at a rave in the 90's or a birthday party for one of the cutest kids ever. Here's a hint:

If you guessed "rave in the 90's" you'd be wrong. (Although, that is pretty close to the outfit I'd wear to a rave.) It was my niece Eve's 3rd birthday today and if there is ANYone who knows how to celebrate, it's a three year-old. She squealed with delight at every spoonful of frosting, every glittery card, and every trinket, toy, and treat. After opening each thing, unprompted, she'd search the room and make eye contact with the giver, and exude the most earnest "THANK YOU!" I've ever heard. Like, she meant it.

I always get a tad uncomfortable opening gifts. Don't get me wrong, I luuuuuurve getting presents. But I can't quite figure out the fine line between grateful and gushing. I could open a clump of hair and I'd spent 45 minutes raving about the possibilities of the new hair. "Ohmygod, this clump of hair will look A-MAH-ZING with my winter hat!" I'm probably the easiest person to give a gift to, because I will LOVE anything anyone gives me. I'm not picky. But sometimes that results in going a little overboard in the "thank you" department. Sometimes I worry that it almost comes of as patronizing. But I'd so much rather err on the side of overdoing it than to risk not thoroughly thanking someone enough.

But watching Eve just find the gift giver, hug them and squeal an adorably "Thank you, Gwampa!" was refreshing. There was one exception, though. Her awesome aunt (me) gave her the world's cutest little faux-fur leopard print vest and pink leggings. She literally THREW THE VEST across the room. But, luckily that awesome aunt (again, ME) knows that kids don't especially love getting clothes instead of toys yet, so I also plopped some candy in the bag with the clothes. After chucking the vest across the room, she tore into the chocolate and beamed "Thank you, Phawin!!!" and that was all I needed. Then later, after the excitement had kind of simmered down, she did try on her vest and LOVED it.

I guess I could learn a lot from my niece. At the tender age of three, she knows more about receiving gifts and giving thanks properly than I do at the age of ajdhgauphtiuathjklwtk. I'll tell you this, though, I'd never chuck a present across the room. Kids...

Anyhoozle, a very happy birthday to my beautiful niece! I already look up to you!

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sarahabt said...

sweet! you should have bedazzled a jean jacket!