Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bad Decisions

This weekend was chock-full of bad decisions. Not the fun kinds, though. Lame. I had been looking to this weekend for a long time. On Saturday night, by BFF Madeline was swinging through town for one night and one night only. She lives in Chicago and if I'm lucky, I get to see her for one night every year.

I talked a big game TO EVERYONE all week. "Oh, I can TRY and meet up with you, but Madeline will be here and we'll be in the middle of a legendary night, so we'll. see." I told people "Don't even TRY to call me on Sunday morning because I will either be too hungover or I might not have gone to bed yet." Needless to say, I had amazingly high hopes.

So when Saturday got here, I woke up at 7 a.m. because I was so excited to sleep in. I believe I was seriously OVEREXCITED about the whole thing. I think my body knew what I was about to do to it that night and started plotting its protestation early.

Bad Decision #1. I accidentally fell asleep while I was waiting for Madeline. Now, I've said before and I'll say it again. I am a BAD NAPPER.  I woke up about 20 minutes later in a cold, sweaty panic. But Madeline was just about to arrive so I splashed some water in my and buzzed her up.

We decided to go enjoy the lovely weather with some pre-dinner cocktails outside on a patio.

Bad Decision #2. Too many microbrews in the hot, hot sun. But the conversation and fresh air were so refreshing that it was one of the best times of my whole summer.

Bad Decision #3. On our way home, we decided to get some deep dish pizza. I haven't had pizza to myself in a long time and I MAY have overindulged on the tomato pie. But we ate the pizza and started to get ready to GO OUT. I felt this weird, dull ache in the back of my eyeballs. I shrugged off the pain and insisted that all I needed was a low-cut shirt, high heels, some cocktails and a loud bar.

The first CORRECT THING I did all night was to tell Madeline that we were going to try and take the bus downtown. As in: Public Transportation. I haven't taken the bus from my new place yet, but it seemed too cheap and too convenient NOT to give a shot. Madeline was NOT psyched. We waited at the bus stop, where I also met a guy who lives in my building, and had an awesome time overall. Snaps, Pharon. Snaps to you.

At the first bar, Madeline was getting a titch annoyed with my complaints about my intensifying headache. She went to the bar, and came back with two white pills. Which brings us to  Bad Decision  #4. I briefly questioned the legitimacy of the pills, and even snapped a picture of them, before swallowing the mystery pills. I spent the next half hour wondering if I was hallucinating or not.

Bad Decision #5 I couldn't stand my headache any longer. It had moved into my fingertips. I suggested we get the h out of the bar. And go to a different, louder one.

Bad Decision #6. Hey, Madeline, let's do some shots.

Bad Decision #7. Headache seems to be worsening. Better order a light beer.

Mercifully, that was my last bad decision of the night. I told Madeline I couldn't stand it anymore and had to get out of there. She couldn't have been nicer about how horrible and lame I was. That only made me feel worse for being such a buzzkill.

But, I'm nearly fully recovered. I promised Madeline I would make it up to her by visiting her in Chicago very soon. She agreed to that part, but declined my request to take Chicago public transportation everywhere. Whatevs. I'll take hanging out with Madeline over the bus any day.

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