Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get it Together, Lady

Ohmygod, Pharon. STEP AWAY FROM THE CRAFTS. I have spent yet another night by myself, at home, making crafts. I am 12 cats away from being a full-blown nutjob. I need to get out more. Or at least SOME.

See, now that I live alone, I am left to my own devices. Tonight, I got way too excited to come home, eat a salad, watch Hunger Games and make some crafts. Which I did. Except instead of a salad, I ate a spoonful of peanut butter, and a bag of popcorn.

Why am I telling you all this totes embarrassing stuff, you ask? Because the other day, Madeline and I had a conversation about which one of us had it "together" more. I argued that she was not drinking wine out of coffee mugs anymore. And instead of playing with glitter and etching cream, she was going on runs like a mofo and making fancy dinners for her awesome boyfriend in their killer kitchen.

Madeline, it's like I don't even KNOW you anymore...

She came back at me with some garbage about me getting married and having a job that I totes love and this blog. But given the way I drank milk out of the milk jug while checking my email this morning, I do believe she still comes out ahead.

I think I am almost totally over this living alone thing. In all, I think I've been here by myself fewer than 3 weeks, so the next 8 months should be interesting. I was thinking that being on my own would force me to grow up a bit, accept some responsibility and maybe even make a well-balanced meal for myself while reading the newspaper. So far, not so good.

However, I haven't succumbed to any hoarding behavior yet. There is no weird doll collection to speak of yet, and as far as I know, the only voice in my head is my conscience telling me to take the garbage out and do the dishes once and for all. And I mean, crafting isn't TOTALLY weird, right? RIGHT?! So, I don't know. Maybe I'm more put-together than I thought. We'll see.

I know, I know. I'm rambling for absolutely no reason. Sorry. But that's what happens when you go a little crazy, I guess. And when you haven't done anything even remotely interesting all day. Seriously. I have GOT to get out more.


Madeline Solien said...

yeah, except playing with glitter and etching cream sounds awesome..but I'm too busy doing things like make dinner (which I don't really want to be doing btw..I'd MUCH rather just make the frozen pizza I have or eat nachos..said "awesome boyfriend" frowns upon frozen pizza) Granted, I do have tomatoes in my backyard that I use to make things..however, I have watered them myself ONCE. But I will say, I sound super awesome in this post..so I'm probably just going to keep pretending that's what my life is really like..

Pharon Square said...

UGH. I forgot about your thriving GARDEN, Madeline. The last thing I grew was mold on the cheese in my fridge.