Thursday, August 2, 2012

Canterbury UPS

This is what happened tonight.

Yup. Twas another night at Canterbury Downs with my family. (Remember the OTHER time that The Farkle Family Went To The Races?) And that up there is photographic evidence that we ate, had some beer/pop and lost handily all night. UNTIL.


After a full night of simply thinking that having fun was its own reward for hanging out with Geo, my dad, sisters, one of my brothers and a few of their rugrats, I actually won.

That's right. The girl who NEVER wins WON BIG. A $2 exacta box bet on horses 4 and 6 netted me a cool $40. FORTY BUCKS! And that was after Geo won $20 and I won a modest $8 on previous races. But the last race was run for me. I saw the passion in the horses legs. I made eyes at the jockeys and flashed a little not-very-recently-shaved leg at the judges. In the end, they pulled through for me and I won some cold, hard cash.

Prinna managed to snag this picture of me, taking my money and running.

Yes. I had a fantastic night. Here's hoping you guys get lucky this weekend, too.

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