Sunday, June 24, 2012

Working/Blacking Out

Hey, does anyone recall me saying at any time last week that I wanted to spend my weekend accidentally working out? Yeah, you don't remember it because I never said it. But, well, the universe had different plans for me. Very, very fun plans.

We had a loverly morning today at my niece's baptism and it was great. Then, I was really trying to make sure Geo remembered I was a down chick because this is the first full week he'll be home. So, I agreed to go golfing with him. While fun, walking with a bag has never been harder in anyone's life ever. I was exhausted before pleading "What are we on, like hole 100?" And Geo was all "Um, this is hole 3." Down chick, indeed.

So, the hiking/golfing was unexpected but fun. Saturday I spent doing nothing, mostly, because I was recovering from Friday night. Friday night was the funnest workout class ever. Well, it was the beeriest.

Friday night was my sister Prinna and her husband Chris' 10th anniversary. They have made it through the thickest and thinnest together, and it was definitely a milestone to celebrate. So we got on board the Traveling Tap.

The Traveling Tap is probably the healthiest/scariest way to get drunk. You and 13 of your best friends all get on exercise bikes attached to a bar. Then you get all excited when the bartender gives you your very own beer in your very own cup holder. And then the "conductor" is all "Okay, everyone! Start pedaling!"

I forgot about the pedaling part. I also was unaware that the pedaling part is the hardest thing in the world. I couldn't drink enough beer to make up for the amount of sweat I was losing by taking that accidental spin class, though I tried. Boy, did I try.

So, you pedal around the city, which is nice and everyone takes pictures of you and smiles and makes a mental note to "definitely call Traveling Tap for work party." And you have music playing, and you're chatting, and there's all that beer. Did I mention the beer? The problem, though, is that you are on REAL STREETS. And you can really only go about 3 miles per hour. Pedaling around downtown Minneapolis on the Friday night of Pride weekend was...well, it was...chaos.

Also, the human body can only pedal for so long. Eventually, you can pedal no more. So the Tap stops at whatever bar you want, and you go in to said bar and drink even MORE. Geo, Perek, Leah and I didn't make it in to too many bars. We hung at the tap, chatting with the creators/conductors/bartender because the beer on board the Tap was free. Me likey free.

At any rate, 4 hours - FOUR HOURS - of pedaling later, and my legs were jelly. I was too tired to understand if I was drunk or not. But after we decided to hit up the bar afterwards, I realized about 3 minutes into my epic dance montage that I had, in fact, managed to absorb much of that beer on the Tap instead of just sweating it out. I tried to soak it all back up with Pizza Luce with the guys, but I was probably a lost cause.

The point is, I accidentally got a little work out in not once, but TWICE this weekend. First there was the FOUR HOUR beer-sponsored spin class, which was followed immediately by Pizza Luce. Then it was the monumental hike through a par-3 golf course. Followed immediately by a Jack's pizza with Geo.

Hmmm...I guess between the pedaling/hiking and pizza, I may come out even in the calories in/calories out arena...


Anonymous said...

ummmm...wait - Is there some sort of Designated Pedaler? Who is steering the thing? Can't you get a ticket for drunk driving on a bicycle?
Scary is right - that thing looks like an accident waiting to happen!

BTW - did you wear your cute golfing shoes you bought last year? I think they were golfing shoes! (For the golfing part not the drinking/exercising part)

Anonymous said...

speaking of shoes...

Pharon Square said...

@Anonymous - There is a "conductor" guy who works the breaks and steers. Since there is no engine or motor and the pedalists aren't in control of it, I think that probably cuts through the red tape of drinking and cycling.

And YES! I definitely wore my cute golf shoes golfing! You have a great memory!

Pharon Square said...

@Anonymous2 - I saw that story!!! That guy is insane if he thinks a girl can HIDE a luxury shoe collection. There's no way she's not showing it off to e'eryone!