Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's go back...waaaaaaay back

Hey snerds! What. Is. Up. I have two quick shout outs I need to give. I got some calls in to the hotline during the Top 40 hour, apparently. Anyhoozle, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE! It was her bday this weekend and I was SUPPOSED to go celebrate with her in Illinois, but I guess I'm just too busy not being fun. But she is the bestest and I hope she has a lovely year!

Secondly, if you guys have been paying any attention at all to the comments on this blog, you've no doubt made a Grandmaman sighting. She's my grandma and she rules. Hard. She has been following my blogging hijinx since day one, and NOW? Now she's on Facebook, dudes! Yay! Welcome to hours and hours of wasted time.

Speaking of radio shows (I was, I swear...check the first paragraph about the shout outs) I have come to a horrible, terrifying realization. If you live in the Twin Cities, you have probably flipped to a station that used to be hardcore hip-hop. Then, one day, it was suddenly all Gin Blossoms and Sublime. I was like 10 minutes into my ride home from work when I decided it was the greatest station ever. Hits from the 90s? Yes please!

Then it hit me. It's an oldies station.

Sure they TRY and cover it up by calling them "retro hits" and "all-time favorites" but I know what they mean. They mean "These songs are for people who are too old to have an MP3 jack in their car and don't know how to use an iPod." I don't have an MP3 jack. And usually my rides home consist of listening to financial planning seminars on CDs.

For shame, Pharon...FOR SHAME.

On the night that Geo came home, we went bowling and I belted out the words to approx 13 songs in a row - many by Her Majesty Alanis Morissette - before realizing they were playing Hits from Forever Ago. Geo was helpfully all "Wow, you sure know all the words to these songs I've never heard of." And I was all "Don't have a cow, man."

Part of me is devastated. Like, really really devastated. But the other part of me is like "UM, SCUSE!? Who DOESN'T love Offspring and No Doubt?! Just because they are old doesn't mean they suck. GUH!"

Ohmygod. Is THAT what "an oldie but a goodie" means!?

I used to have a roommate who was much younger than me. She started out pretty cool but then she turned into a mayjah beyotch. She started asking me if I had grey hair and then claimed she didn't know what My Little Pony was. Hey, lady? EVERYONE knows what My Little Pony is. Anyway, she was just rude in the way that she wanted me to KNOW that she's too young to rent a car. So, yeah, she kind of sucked. But I remember distinctly the first day when I was all "Ugh, that chick has no manners. KIDS TODAY." Then I cranked up some Barenaked Ladies and put on some white eye liner.

Well, that's it. I better quit this blog and start handwriting letters to various political pundits to express my dissatisfaction with the Pony Express.


Rachel W said...

White eyeliner! Yes! You should check out the Ace of Base Pandora station.

Madeline Solien said...

Dude, I've officially made Kriss Kross pandora a Friday tradition with the rest of my department at work...and THANKS FOR THE SHOUT OUT PHARON KASUM!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I now have 2 new pandora stations to program. I f*n LOVE Ace of Bass.