Monday, June 25, 2012

The Help?

You know, having Geo around consistently for the past few days has been pretty nice. We're having a great time, and it's starting to feel normal again. Plus, I had forgotten how helpful having him around truly is.. From moving all my stuff to, well, that was the biggest thing really. I probably couldn't have moved without him. Anyway, now that a couple days have gone by, I've found myself wondering if he really IS helping...

Helping: He hooked up the Xbox tonight so we could watch Netflix
Not helping: He refused to write my blog for me
Helping: I was too tired from kickboxing to get off the couch and get my computer charger, so Geo got it for me and then plugged my computer in for me. 
Not helping: I asked what I should write about and he suggested "Write about how all I do is hit home runs all day with my awesome ideas and solutions." When I said "What would the title be?" He's all "No title necessary. The post would speak for itself."
Helping: He explained the Tuskegee Experiment to me
Not helping: When I asked him initially, he called me an idiot for not knowing what it was
Helping: He got my microwave all set it up for me.
Not helping: When I asked him what he wanted from the grocery story, he requested what a little kid might request: "Peanut butter, white bread, chips, raisins, Coke - NOT DIET COKE, PHARON - macaroni and pizza." Gee, thanks for the help with the diet, bro...
Helping: He came up with a great solution for my closet space problem
Not helping: The reason I HAVE a closet space problem is because he has more clothes than 4 regular guys put together
Helping: It's been awesome going out on dates again
Not helping: The last one we went on was a dessert date. Again, thanks for the help with the diet, bro...
Helping: He's super funny and I love having a source of a good ol-fashioned belly laugh on a daily basis
Not helping: Today, while I was writing a blog, he tried to make me belly laugh by putting on one of my boxing gloves and pretended to fight with me. It started hilarious, but then got dumb because he gave me the left glove and then just stuck his long monkey arm out holding me back. I never stood a chance.

It was all pretty even-Steven, but he really sealed the deal when he came home and I was surrounded by wedding magazines and instead of running away or making fun of me, he asked "Find anything good?" And then helped me calm down when I was freaking out about having none of the checkboxes for "What to have done by now" checked out. What a guy...

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