Monday, June 11, 2012

And the gloves come off...

Yay! Internet! Full-sized keyboard! Looooooove it! Yeah, I got my key to the information superhighway today, so I've been speeding my way through craigslist and IKEA like nobody's business. I wish I had super clever things to talk about now that I don't have to fix all the crappy autocorrect on my phone every 2 seconds. I have nothing.

I worked, went to the gym and generally went about my day like it was the same as every other. Well, without a couch. But hopefully I can remedy that soon. Anyhoozle, I'm settling in to the new place. I have already left my pants, sweatshirt and keys in the middle of the floor, so I'm feeling more at home.

Oh! Wait! One thing DID happen that was Caaaarazy Interesting. So, I do this thing after kickboxing that makes me feel super cool. I have a gym bag, but I CARRY my boxing gloves so that everyone around me is super intrigued by the super cool chick with the boxing gloves. Is she scary? Is she strong? Could I take her in a fight? Is she as cool as she looks?

Okay, so I just like to show everyone that I'm a force to be reckoned with. I figured I should DEFINITELY display my aggressive fitness in my new place, being that I'm here alone. "Dude, did you guys see the new girl on Six? SHE BOXES. WE SHOULD GET TO KNOW HER AND INVITE HER TO DO FUN THINGS WITH US."

So, I'm on the elevator, flaunting my gloves to no one, when a dude and his girlfriend get on. Uh, SUPER interesting side note? He is also the same guy Geo and I saw carrying a Settlers of Catan game one night. Needless to say, I want to be invited to HIS parties most of all. Anyway, they get on, and he says...

"Wow, you box? I gotta ask...where is there a studio around here?" 

Ah ha, young grasshopper. Yes, I - the n00b - will tell YOU - the veteran resident - where in this neighborhood you can box. "Oh, I go to the Southdale Y. But I used to train at Wolf Studios in Eden Prairie."

The funny thing here is that my "training" consisted of 10 classes I got from a Groupon. He doesn't need to know that, though. Rookies don't OWN their own gloves, after all. Well, I mean, THIS rookie does. Whatever.

He was all "The Y? Really? Are they any good there?" I almost said, "How should I know? I've only been to like 6 classes, and I've missed the last 2 weeks." Instead, I said "Yeah, the Monday night class is awesome, but the instructor is moving to Florida and the new chick isn't nearly as good." This is ALL information I gathered from my class tonight.

Okay, so I set myself up as a pro. Mistake. Because then he was like "Is it co-ed?" I was like "Yeah! There were like 5 guys there tonight." He was all "Nice, I should check it out!"

If that ever happens, and he DOES go to the class, he will learn several things.

1) I may not be there
2) If I AM there, I'll be sweating and panting by the time I'm done stretching
3) I am not a real boxer
4) No one in the entire CLASS is a "real" boxer

He will find out I'm a glove-carrying fraud. I just hope he still invites me over sometime for Settlers...I DEFINITELY know what I'm doing there.

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Grandmaman said...

Ilove you Pharon! Keep those blogs coming!