Sunday, June 10, 2012

Home (not so) Sweet Home

So I'm sitting here alone in the new pad. No Internet yet, so get over the inevitable typos because I have to use my phone.

Okay so I'm drinking milk from my Kate Spade wine glasses, enjoying my view. It's lovely except I'm sitting in an uncomfortable computer chair because I haven't found a stupid couch yet.

Geo and I went to check out a sofa we found on Craigslist. It was the exact one I want from IKEA so I was ready to fork over some cash. We get to this sketchy house and meet a surprisingly normal chick and her baby. Then we see the couch.

Looked like the same one! Cute, white and wait...IS it white?? It was covered in cat hair and dirt on the tops of the cushions. Ew. She helpfully suggested that I could buy a new slipcover but that would cost another $100 and I may as well just buy a new couch at that point. So, we didn't get it. Thus, the computer chair.

Oh, and you know how I mentioned that I was sitting in this computer chair in my apartment ALONE? Yeah, that's because Geo left tonight for his two-week internship at Mayo. Even though he claims he told me dozens of times, I was very caught off guard when as soon as he finished UNpacking, he started RE-packing.

So, so far it's been a little rough in the new pad. After Geo left, I actually just went over to Claire's and hung out all night. She thought she was rid of me...sucker.

Great. Now it's starting to storm. Good thing I have a spectacular view of the freaky lightning!! Well, hopefully I'll be writing from my own computer tomorrow night! If I'm sitting on a couch while writing too, that'd just be TOPS. Wish me luck!

P.S. Super. Now I can't watch TV because the storm is jacking up the satellite. Beautiful.

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