Thursday, June 14, 2012

Saaaay Cheesy!!

Oh. My. Gah. I forgot ALLLLLL about the fact that everyone and their mother takes engagement photos these days. I am ill-equipped. Is there a contest for the MOST un-photogenic person ever? Did I win??

Geo's brother is getting married this year. I saw his engagement photos tonight, and I was...well, it was a reality check. His bride is all pretty and sparkly and the sun dances off her hair. I texted Geo immediately to tell him no to expect too much.

Me: Listen, I'm not whimsical and the sun will never dance off my hair like a beautiful Instagram filter. Don't expect that stuff, okay?
Geo: I don't expect that. I love you just the way you are.

Well, as reassuring as that should have been, I sunk into the kind of pity party that Bridget Jones could only dream of. I explained to Claire, who I was with at the time, that I felt bad for Geo. I am NOT a cool chick to take pictures with. I flick the camera off. Or I wink too aggressively. More often than not, I look like a jerkface photo bomber.

So then I saw these super cute, airy pictures of Geo's broseph and his fiance. They were all sunshine and dancing rays. I started sweating almost immediately. There's a picture where they are laughing and it's just very adorable.

I panicked and texted Geo again.

Me: When I laugh, it's not all charming and photogenic. It's crazy and maniacal.
Geo: Dude, engagement photos are ridiculous! No one really even looks like that! FYI: I will be showing massive amounts of chest hair in every one of our pics.
Me: Yeah. Got it.

I mean...I guess that's reassuring. When I'm ugly-facing my way through everything, Geo's violent chest hair will inevitably take over. So, you know, that's cool.

Anyway, do you guys have good pics? Send 'em my way so I learn a thing or two about how to take a proper photo...otherwise, have a picture-perfect weekend everyone!


JessiferSeabs said...

We actually didn't even take engagement photos -- I'm not terribly comfortable in front of the camera either, and Mike DEFINITELY isn't, and it just felt really phony and cheesy and too over-the-top romantic which is NOT US at all. The package that we bought from our photographer included a complimentary engagement session, however, but she agreed to let us save it for another time, for maternity or newborn or something, someday.

Anonymous said...

You don't give yourself enough credit! You're adorable and I'm sure Geo's chest hair is amazing... your fun personalities will be key for a great photo session. It doesn't have to be all lovey-smushy. Your session should showcase who you are as a couple. Relax, maybe bring a frisbee, your real smiles and have fun :)

Can't wait to see the posted photos :)

~Missy J.

Pharon Square said...

Aw, thanks for the input/advice, ladies!!!!

cindi said...

Realax...they take like a gazillion of them........there will be plenty to elimina..........errrrrrrr....choose !

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