Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It IS a small world after all!

Oh. Mah. Gah. Holy small world, Batman! So, I went to happy hour with some co-workers tonight. La la la, 2-for-1s, good company and just a grand ol' time had by all. Everything was all fun and good until this conversation happened:

Co-worker: Yeah, I love Sebastian Joe's ice cream. I live right by there.
Me: Hey! I used to live by Sebstian Joe's! Where do you live?
Co-worker: On insert my old street name here.
Me: Hey! I used to live on insert my old street name here.
Co-worker: Where abouts?
Me: 2108?

After 20 minutes of me trying to pull my jaw off the ground, I managed to determine that my co-worker lives in GEO'S OLD ROOM. I told him that I used to live in the room painted Kate-Spade-green and he's like "Oh man, we were WONDERING who would paint a room that color!"


So it turns out that I work in the same department of the same company with a guy who keeps his ketchup in the very same fridge I kept MY ketchup. Caaaaarazy.

I'm not exactly used to "small worlds." I went to a Big 10 University where I knew approximately 20 people. Out of, what, 30,000 students?

And sure, I knew all the people in my high school, but I've never like run into a famous person who lives with my high school student president now or something. I've never made a weird connection.

Well, I did work with a girl for a few months before figuring out she was BFFs with the brother of my former co-worker/friend. And I once saw a TV show that had a girl from my high school on it. But so far, none of those stories top the "Hey, I just met you...and this crazy...but here's my address, it's the same as yours was." (Thumbs UP to those of you who got the Carly Rae Jepsen reference.)

Anyhoozle, instead of playing it cool tonight, I managed to exude the kind of creepiness I tried so desperately hide. But how many times do you get the opportunity to meet the person who lives in your old house? ALMOST NEVER. So, again, instead of being COOL, I said "OMG, can I come and look at your house?! I wanna see where you put your couch!" 

Sweet. That's NOT creepy! Thankfully, I followed it up with "I mean, I wanna see your house, but not in a CREEPY way!" Yeah, 'cause SAYING it's not creepy makes it less creepy...

Okay, so the point is I have finally made my "Wow, what a small world!" connection. I remember seeing the "It's a Small World" exhibit or ride or whatever at Disneyworld and realizing I had no idea what those creepy little Animatronix kids were singing about. But now? Now I AM a creepy Animatronix kid!

And the allegedly small world makes sense again...

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