Thursday, June 7, 2012


I can't find my computer. I can't find a change of clothes. I CAN find my toothbrush, but let's not kid ourselves. I'd rather have my computer. Anyway, my plan was to spend tonight in my new pad, but I couldn't quite get my act together in time.

So, as I've moved 98 percent of my stuff, I'm working with the barest of essentials.

Instead of spending time blogging tonight, though, I'm going to soak up the DirecTV and ample access to puppies. I've spent the past week working all day then coming home to pack, lift, then unpack stuff all night. I'd like to take a freakin' break, forcryinoutloud!

Okay, so yeah. I'll be back on Sunday night. I won't have Internet until Monday, so results may vary.

Oh, hey, and if your have any furniture/toasters/coffee tables/small, thin TVs/storage blocks that you don't want, give them to me!!! I'll write a glowing response to you in my blog! Hooray! FAME! (Ugh. I'm pathetic. Or thrifty?? Let's go with thrifty.)

Wow, I need to sleep. Have a great weekend and give me all your stuff.

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Madeline Solien said...

Would you like to come pick some stuff up from lovely Highland Park? because I have plenty of things you could take...including a television (it's old but it works! and it's a flat screen), martini glasses, a toaster (wait, I might have thrown that away), old pottery barn chairs, and some other crap...Come on down!