Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Sleepy, I mean Crabby

Okay, moving is very tiring. And Perek and Geo did most of the heavy lifting, so my only excuse is that I did A LOT of moving very light boxes. Regardless...I'm tired. But, the questions to Dear Crabby don't stop for moving. So, I've chosen some at random and will be very succinct in my helpful advice.

Dear Crabby,
Do you think the recent increase in human-flesh-eating events is a sign of the Zombie Apocalypse? 

Hey Brains,

Dear Crabby, 
What would you do if your friend's ex asked you out on a date? My best friend went out with a guy for like a few weeks, but they didn't click. Last week, he texted me to see if I wanted to grab a drink. I really like him and we have a lot in common, but it's still kind of weird. Do you think I should just go for it?
Muchas gracias,
To Date or Not To Date


Dear Crabby,
Is there a right or wrong way of tricking your guy into getting you knocked up? My husband refuses to admit that we are ready for kids and I really want to start our family! I have known other women who have tried some methods to get pregnant without their guy being aware - you know, like not taking their Pill, compromising the quality of prophylactics, etc - and now they are super happy! Do you have any ideas for how I can proceed? What do you think he'll say if I DO get pregnant? 
Any help you can give would be great! :)
Hot Mama

Dear Hot Mama,

Well, there we go. I'm pretty sure I've been more helpful than usual. Maybe less is more when it comes to helpful hints for my lovely readers. If you, for some STRANGE reason, think I could have possibly left something out this week, jot your thought (rhyme!) in the comments. Otherwise, as always, send your questions to and I'll do my best to help you out of whatever mess you've managed to get yourself into. Good luck out there... 

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