Sunday, April 3, 2011


SPRING! Finally! The snow is melting, birds are chirping, and it's prime weather for driving my car right through the puddles to spray the irritatingly fit people running around the lakes. Ahh. Lovely. I welcomed the 45+ degree weather in grand fashion. This weekend, I sat on the porch and enjoyed a morning cup of coffee. Sanna, Geo and I grilled out on Saturday night (pork loin and hobo dinners - yum!), I had a margarita with lunch on Saturday, and I didn't have to use my car's remote start even ONCE! SPRING!

As it becomes glaringly obvious that sweaters will soon be replaced by tank tops and sundresses, and pants are not acceptable attire to wear into a pool, I decided I really need to buckle down and get in shape. (Also I should probably get back to shaving regularly.)

Step One for getting into summer shape: Shopping. I went shopping with my mom and sisters on Saturday. I got some new heels that are so stupid-crazy high and nude-colored, that at least my legs will LOOK thinner and longer. I loooooove them.

Step Two was to get plenty of rest. So, natch, I slept a lot.

Step Three was to actually get off my butt and do something. Today I warmed up with some intense XBox Kinect dancing, followed by attempting to do Zumba with Claire. Results were hysterical. Have you guys done Zumba? It's basically Latin dancing/working out. My sister Padrin and my mom went to an actual Zumba class on Saturday morning. They invited me along (you know, because my dancing skills are legendary) to the 9 a.m. class. Unfortunately, doing something that early in the morning interfered with Step Two. So instead, Claire and I did a Zumba DVD in the comfort of her home this afternoon.

Question: Who knew that hip movement was so important to dancing? I didn't, because the second "Beto" (the instructor on the DVD) encouraged us to move our hips more, Claire and I dissolved into giggles at our own ineptitude. Apparently, hips can (and should be able to) move independently and sexily, but ours did not. Claire and I were all rigid and uncoordinated and white. Every time I tried to move my hips more like the people on the DVD, I lost control of my legs. Also, moving my "hips" meant heaving my shoulders back and forth, which made me look like I was having a seizure and not dancing on an MTV Spring Break stage.

It's become wildly clear that the public is not ready for my "moves" yet, so Claire and I will have to continue our brave endeavor into Latin dancing at her house for a few more times. It's a pretty good way to burn calories, and Zumba-ing with someone else who doesn't take herself too seriously is very refreshing (laughing burns calories, too). Claire was super fun to fail miserably at dancing with. And between Zumba and kickboxing, I'll be back in shape in no time. Which is a great way to show off some hot new shoes.

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