Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phashion Show!

[Begin Shameless Self Promotion HERE]

So, my new issue of Vogue came today. Love it! It's almost as if Anna Wintour KNEW I was going to make an announcement today that's going to knock the $100 socks off the fashion world. It's like they planned the release of their May issue with the EXACT date I was releasing some hot new trends of my own. You guys?

I've finally got my Pharon Square swag up for sale!

I opened up a little store at and it's chock full of shirts, shot glasses, coffee mugs, women's underwear (whaaat? I know...awesome!), and all kinds of other fun stuff. I know for a fact that people are judged by the logo on their coffee mugs, so make it count.

Listen, you don't want to get caught with last season's blogger swag. Lame! So do yourself, and your closets/kitchen cabinets a favor and go buy some totes adorable stuff with a few of my priceless and prolific pharonisms scrawled all over it.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you that they also make excellent gifts for your loved ones. Or even people you hate, but I don't know why you'd want to buy such an incredibly cool gift for someone you hate. Whatever.

I got myself a t-shirt, and I love it! I know, I know. It's certifiably UNcool to wear your own clothes. It's like how they say that a member of a band should never wear his own band's t-shirt. It's weird. It's egotistical. It's shameless. And yet? Here I sit, with my own cool shirt on and feeling very cool about myself. Plus, if Charlie Sheen can do it, so can I.

So that's my big news. I'm pretty stoked about it, and you should be too. But it's not like I spent the whole weekend holed up in my house pretending to be Vera Wang or anything. I went out. I shopped. I ran into an old high school boyfriend at the bar, and that was fun. It was both comforting and humiliating that he remembered the time in 6th grade when I got knocked out by the chair lift on a class ski trip. /facepalm. I watched a few movies, managed to eat a whole thing of Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack ice cream (OMFG, you guys. It's vanilla ice cream, with salted caramel swirls, and chocolate covered chunks of potato chips. Best. Ice Cream. Ever.) and just generally avoided the freezing cold outdoors.

But, most importantly, I opened my store. I'm a real life store owner. The best part is that I don't have to do a darn thing now except watch the inventory fly off the virtual shelves. I can't wait to see you all around town with a big ol' Pharon Square tote bag (my personal fave) full of Pharon Square collectibles. Yay!

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