Monday, April 11, 2011


In the spirit of the Spring cleaning season, I have some dirty laundry to air out. You know, get it out there, shake out the cobwebs, bring it into the daylight. This, you guys, was my room before I took care o' business.

Yup, there's a bed under all those clothes. My closets threw up all over room, spewing boots, sweaters, and t-shirts all over the place. I knew it had reached epic status when, on two separate occasions, Geo asked me "So...are you, uh, gonna maybe clean your room sometime soon? It's, um, pretty sick to look at." Really Geo? As much as I appreciate his helpful suggestions, here's Geo dirty little secret.

Geo had stashed almost TWENTY water glasses in and around the upstairs (I am allowed to share that because I have to pick Geo up at the airport tonight at MIDNIGHT, so he owes me one). I had to load them all into my laundry basket and haul them downstairs. It took two trips and two rounds in the dishwasher. Granted, there's no need for a humidifier anymore. Because with all that water evaporated into the air, my skin has been as hydrated and soft as my new baby nephew's butt.

So whatever. We both have our issues. I shove my closets so full of clothes that inevitably, like a Jack-in-the-box, they shoot out everything onto the floor. Geo hides half-full (I'm an optimist) water glasses under his bed and makes little towers of them on his desk.

On a related note, Sanna and I started a Spring Cleaning list this weekend. We've got a list of jobs like "Clean out refrigerator" and "Move Jagermeister cooler to basement" and "Vacuum Rug or Buy New Rug". Lots of fun stuff on there. Seeing as how this is going to be my last summer in this posh pad, I'd really like it to be clean and not covered in 1 3/4 inches of dust. (Note: After living in a big, old house with lots of original fancy woodwork, I would consider moving into a house made strictly out of stainless steel.)

When the guys lived here, Spring Cleaning was non-existent at best. I'd be sweating, on my hands and knees washing the floors, while all the guys spent an hour hanging up a mail basket and deciding where to aim the speakers for best possible surround sound. Dumb. So, having the chicas around is lovely. There was even talk of PURCHASING new cleaning supplies! Oooh, AND! They know the difference between Windex and Draino, so that's top notch.

Now that my room is clean, and our cupboards are stocked with glasses again, and our Spring cleaning list is complete (though none of jobs have actually been DONE), it's really starting to feel the dreary grips of winter have relented. I even got these cutie little herb plants at Target:

They were only $1 each, and I purchased them as a joke for Sanna. She wanted to plant an herb garden on our deck before Geo and I had to burst her bubble by informing her that NOTHING can grow in our planters because there is no sun, and I gave her the little guys to poke some fun at the concept of growing herbs. But then I planted them, and now they're cute and hopefully it'll be all herby and green in our kitchen soon. So it's all awesome and Springy up in this piece. w00t! What are YOUR Spring rituals? Do you do Spring Cleaning? Does the picture of my room make you think less of me?

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