Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter, everyone who celebrates Easter! Happy Sunday to those of you who don't! Either way, it was B.E.A.U.tiful today and I celebrated by eating approximately twice my weight in ham balls and carrot cake. Zummmmmmmy! Oh, and last night, my sisters, their husbands, my brothers, their wives, and I all went out. Great. I was definitely the fifth (or ninth) wheel...stupid Geo going stupid home for the stupid holiday weekend. After a random drama-filled Thursday night (long, boring story), I was seriously ready to go out. And it's really rare that all of us get to go out together. It all started with beers at the Shout House dueling piano bar downtown, and ended up with shots at Loon Cafe and some crazy dancing. Here's all you need to know about it: At one point, Padrin and Prinna were dancing with a life-size cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber that a group of random guys had brought. Riiiiiiiight.

Needless to say, it was rougher than usual getting up early today. I didn't even remember to set my alarm, so the fact that I popped out of bed at 7 a.m. was an Easter miracle. I was thirsty and tired and my feet hurt from bouncing up and down on the dance floor in 4" heels. Like a champ, though, I pulled it together, put on a dress and went to my parents house to go to church and chill with my equally hungover family. Helpfully, my brother Peter supplied the mimosas and all was good.

I was a little disappointed, though, because I missed my nieces and nephew do their Easter Egg Hunt. But I got there just in time for the aftermath. The jelly beans. The sugar. The toys. The Easter grass. (I got just the teeniest bit nauseous looking at it all. My stomach was not prepared for even the mere sight of anything that looked like it might taste like a Scooby Snack shot.) Aw, I miss Easter egg hunts, don't you guys? The Easter bunny visited our house until my brother Perek (the youngest) was about twenty years old. We went from hunting for chocolate to hunting for money hidden in eggs, and at the time that money hunt was the major contributor to my financial planning.

And is there anything better than waking up to a basket full of candy and toys? Nope, there's not. That was made all too clear when, instead of waking up to presents this morning, I woke up to a throbbing headache and unexplained bruises on my legs. When we were little, all us kids had our very own Easter baskets that we'd carry around like those briefcases you handcuff to yourself. We were very protective of our candy, and there was NO sharing. Although, every once in awhile, I'd trade away my Cadbury Cream Eggs because they grossed me out.

Besides all that, I also loved wearing awesome Easter hats. It's pretty much the only way you could tell I was a GIRL when I was younger - what with the bowl cut and knobby knees and dirt covered face I was sporting back then. So I just loved those hats and dresses. Ooh, and the dainty little white gloves. Not nearly enough people wear cotton white gloves anymore. They instantly fancy up an outfit, and they come in handy for testing dust levels on TVs.

Easter is just lovely. Despite the initial feelings of fuzzy yuckiness, I loved spending time with my family, and my aunts and cousins and my grandma. It was great. All the love and family and food? Awesome. The ONE thing that was missing, the only little thing I missed, were Easter eggs - or, I'm sorry, Spring Spheres. Who doesn't like coloring eggs? No one, that's who. And then chowing down on slightly tinted eggs? I love them. Plus, picking off the shell from an egg is so very zen. Then again, who made the stupid rule that you could ONLY make Easter eggs on Easter? That seals it. I'm definitely going to color eggs this month. That's right, I'm going to throw convention to the wind and laugh in the face of tradition. Rebel!

I hope you all had an awesome Easter (or Sunday...whichever), though! I'm ready for the week ahead, and I hope you are too! Hoppy Weekend, everyone! (Ugh, sorry, but I couldn't resist ONE little pun today.)

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Anonymous said...

haha! I TOTALLY forgot about Justin Beiber!! LOL!!!!

As for the egg hunt, here's a play by play:

Rachel snuck off by herself into the office, not letting on to anyone else that there was in fact a LOT of candy hidden in that room.

Gus ran like a maniac collecting everything he could get his grubby little hands on... and he was mostly hovering around poor annabelle who was just a little too short to get some, which is when he would swoop in above her and load his basket.

Annabelle was trying with everything she could muster to keep up with Gus... ever the competitors those two!

Eve would find a jellybean, pick it up and then go find Gus to tell him that she found a jellybean... she wouldn't get another until he acknowledged the discovery and then she would eat it up and get another... i think she got like 4 pieces after all was said and done.

It was quite the morning.