Thursday, April 14, 2011

Look Who's Not Talking

I think I spoke a total of 273 words today. That is probably an all-time low for me. I mean, at work I did my general thing, but between the spreadsheets and listening to the guys new podcast (Good Guys to Know), I was much quieter than usual and didn't exactly hit my verbal quota. Okay, so there WAS one day last month where I legitimately didn't say a word at work (busy as a bee, you know), but I made up for it AFTER work that day when I talked Madeline's ear off on Skype for a couple hours. But I seriously counted the words I've said since I've been home today, and I've gotten up to about 150. All totaled, that puts me at, um, what, like 978 words? Curse you, Math! Whatever. The point is, that is not a lot of words. And now I don't even know what to do with myself.

I've always been an incessant talker. In Elementary School, it was common to find "Talks Too Much" on my report cards. My mom thought it was a negative...I'd consider it a compliment. Everyone likes an articulate preteen. When I was REALLY young, my sisters tell me I'd sit in the bathroom and just sing and talk to myself for an embarrassingly long amount of time. What, no one wanted to come in with me for a one-on-one conversation about Barbie's? Crazy!

I know I talk too much. I talk when I'm nervous, when I'm confident, when I'm angry, when I'm's usually pretty non-stop. But man, today I just really slacked off. I'm just like out of conversation today. I simply waved at Geo when he came in tonight from work, and that's just flat out laziness.

I'm the person who rambles on and on about absolutely nothing on voicemails. I've always got ONE more thing to say right as a movie starts. I interrupt people because I physically can't stop my mouth from spilling out words. I gave a speech at Prinna's wedding and I just kept talking and talking until I couldn't think of anything else to say. Then instead of saying "Cheers!" or "Congratulations!" or whatever, I just sat down and started talking to my other sister without even missing a beat. Padrin was all "You didn't even do the TOAST part!" Dummy. All that talking. Nothing accomplished.

So many words usually. But today I was the Twitter version of myself. Maybe I've been tweeting and facebooking and blogging so much I'm out of material. Is that possible? Probably not. I mean, I haven't even GOTTEN to my opinions on that J.Crew ad which I personally find adorable, even though crazy people think it's offensive (seriously? It wasn't offensive when we dressed Perek up like a girl in yellow dresses and put his awesomely curly hair into little pig was hilarious.) Oh, and no one has yet to be amazed with my input on the Charlie Sheen nightmare. I could probably talk about THAT for hours.

But no, I just haven't wanted to talk much. Is this a new me? Am I now like a woman of few words? The kind of person who talks only after a thoughtful pause before a small number of very wise, very insightful words? Oh man, I really hope not. I'm certifiably afraid of awkward silences, and the most practical way to avoid those is to fill them with a whole lotta gibberish. It's verbal diarrhea and I get it all the time.


Uh, crap. Awkward silence in the blog. PANIC! Here's a video I love Honey Badger Don't Care. Oh! And Kate Spade came out with a bike today. A BIKE! It's green and lovely and it has a bell and place to hang your Kate Spade bag and there's only one bike per store, and there are no stores in Minnesota which is lame. It's going to snow this weekend which has set me way back in my Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Phew...sounds like I've still got plenty of super important things to talk about. I have a feeling it'll be a very verbal weekend. I've been all clammed up for a couple days, so I'm sure I'm about to explode with awesome conversational fireworks. Yay! Congrats to all the lucky peeps who are about to enjoy the show! Have a wonderful weekend!

This mash up of songs is by Girl Talk who is a sick sick DJ and I love him. He mashes all these pieces of songs together and the result is a musical version of my conversations. How apropos!

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