Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Repeat after me...

So I tried to get Geo to transcribe a blog for me tonight because I was too lazy and sore after the kickingist-butt kickboxing class with Chandra ever. I didn't have the energy to pick up my computer and move my fingers, so I asked Geo to be a pal and type the blog for me while I freestyled off the top of my dome. It did not go well.

Pharon: Okay, write "Dear Blog"
Geo: Okay. "Dear Bliggity."
Pharon: No, not "bliggity," that's dumb.
Geo: Okay. "No, that's dumb."
Pharon: No, don't write THAT! Ugh annoying. Okay, anyways...write "Dear blog, I can't really write a lot tonight because I don't lead that exciting of a life to warrant an awesome post every night. Sometimes I just have no material and no energy." Geo, did you get that?
Geo: Yup. "Dear blog, I can't really write a lot tonight because I'm too busy pooping and it's just not that exciting enough to write about. Sometimes I just have no sense of humor."
Pharon: [Rolls eyes.] Exactly. Precisely right, you're a genius. Now write, "Geo is dumb and can't write or listen or follow instructions."
Geo: Okay. "Geo is hilarious and he has the best eyes and brains ever."
Pharon: That's really weird.
Geo: "Geo is so cool and Pharon is really weird."
Pharon: Okay, I get it. You're not transcribing anything for me.
Geo: Yes I am! I'm just making it BETTER.
Pharon: Give me that computer. [Reaches for computer.]
Geo: It's a miracle! She can move!!!

Yeah, so that didn't work out so well.

................................................or did it?!

Dear bliggity...

Nope, no, nay. Still doesn't work.

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