Monday, January 21, 2013

Probably why weddings are usually on Saturday nights

So, I had a lot of free time this weekend. Not only was today a company holiday which meant the day off, but I have found myself with much more time on my hands now that I'm not constantly eating bagels. Mmmm...delicious bagels...

Anyhooz, I had a conversation with my parents today about wedding stuff, and like what to do the night BEFORE the wedding, and my mom was all "I'm sure you and your friends are all used to staying up late and partying. But not all people do that."

I was all "Mom, I'm not 25 anymore. I don't do that."
She argued, "Oh, please. How many times have you been out this weekend? Two times? Four?"

I wanted to lie and agree with her, because the reality was so much less cool. I spent Saturday night at home reading a book I couldn't put down, while chatting with my friends Kelly and Madeline in Iowa and Illinois respectively via text. Sunday was my friend Lana's baby shower, which was super fun (but grownup) and afterwards should have made the perfect time for a fab Sunday Funday because of the Monday holiday, but instead? I spent another night reading (and FINISHING!) the book. Today, I cleaned, took care of wedding stuff, make something in a Crock Pot, did laundry and then yelled at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn or else I'd make them fetch me a switch. Okay, not the last thing. But you get the idea.

So no, MOM, I am not a party animal. Sigh. But man, I WISH I was a party animal. I wish I had woken up on Sunday with crazy stories about what happened at 3 a.m. that very morning when so-and-so ran into that pole after leaving some awesome bar before getting late night pizza from Luce. Instead, I woke up on Sunday and thought, "I miss bagels." And then, "I could do some crafting today. I wonder if Michael's is open yet?"

Then I realized something. Weddings at this age are like Saturday nights were in college. Weddings are for people to get together, dress up, snap pictures all night and dance until the place closes down while drinking many different kinds of alcohol. In college? Pretty much what a Saturday night (or Tuesday afternoon) looked like. We'd get all gussied up, try and get free drinks and take crazy pics all night. The only thing different was instead of filet mignon, dinner consisted of mac n' cheese.

And yeah, there are vows in both cases, too. There are wedding vows that say "I do," while in college, the vows were more like "I won't," followed by "leave you alone" or "drink tequila" or "eat more than one grilled cheese in the ped mall."

So while I can understand my parent's frustration that I keep wanting to turn this wedding into a "party at a club," I feel like it's only natural. People don't go out gettin' crazy like (or as much as) we used to. (At least I don't. See above nights-spent-at-home-reading scenarios.) Now, people NEED weddings so they have a reason to change out of their work suits and sweatpants, let their hair down and not worry about deadlines and bosses.

My point is that, unless I want to keep throwing weddings every year, I think I need to start going out more.

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