Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Not to brag or anything, you guys, but I made SO. MANY. PLANS. today. I feel like the popularist girl in the world. Plans for Happy Hour made over Gchat? Birthday celebrations scheduled on email? Another Happy Hour planned via work phone? And BINGO plans confirmed via text!? Seriously. I'm multi-media'ing my way to a nervous breakdown.

All this would be awesome if I could just keep it all organized. At any given time, I have at least 2 separate calendars going, and one of them is inevitably out-of-date. I used to have a Kate Spade know, the analog kind!? Where you use a pen or other utensil to etch event information onto flimsy paper? I loved it. It was cute and easy. But because I'm not Amish, I had to switch to a digital calendar.

So, I downloaded a Kate Spade calendar app on my phone. I absolutely hate to admit this, but I hated the app. It was clumsy and hard to update. Plus, I didn't get to show it off to anyone which is like half the fun of Kate Spade stuff!

Now I have to balance an Outlook calendar at work, an adorable monthly shoe calendar at said work, Facebook birthday notifications, random scraps of paper taped to my wall, the phases of the moon and the calendar on my phone. Impossible!

Oh, and unless I add something to my phone as soon as I've made a plan, I will have no memory that I ever made the plans to begin with. God forbid I have to actually REMEMBER something, especially when it comes to details like time/place/person I'm meeting.

Anyhoozle, now I have my Google calendar, which is fine, but I keep forgetting things that I add to it more than a month in advance because you either have to look at a list of stuff or one month at a time. If I'm like "I know there's a wedding in June, but I can't remember whose it is, when it is or how far away it is from MY wedding (how dare they)." So I have to go through every stupid little dotted date in June and see what I can find. Half the time, the dot is for some stupid, but crucial, recurring event like "Pay car payment," or "Try and change out of sweatpants today."

Sometimes, though, I am just a delight. The other day, I was looking through it to schedule some vacay time this year, and I made myself laugh when I saw, on Aug. 10, "Wedding. No biggie." Hilarious. I also like to make a joke when someone asks me to do something on the 29th of every month, no matter how far away it is. I say "Oh, I can't...sorry. I have to pay my car payment that day." Tip your waiters, folks.

Anyway, clearly I forgot to schedule in some time to blog tonight, because this post is just lame. Oh well, sorry!

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