Monday, January 14, 2013

Happpppy Birthday, MartCity!

So, I just wanted to hop on here and wish my mom an amazingly happy birthday!!! It was her special day today, and my sister, brothers, their spouses and kids, and I surprised my mom with a little Golden Girls-themed b-day partay. (We've figured out that she loves "Golden Girls" as much as I love "Friends", and both shows have equally annoying theme songs. Pretty sure that's a sign of a quality sitcom - "Full House," anyone?)

Anyway, my mom rules. Back when we had just gotten the Internet, my little brother set up what I believe was her AIM handle. She was like "Just fill it out for me and tell me when it's ready." She's so chill like that. So, my brother was like 12 or something and he set to work filling out her profile. Under City, he put "Edina, with my favorite child Perek." For hobbies, he put "Having Perek as my favorite child, buying Perek gifts and watching Perek succeed at everything." The whole thing was basically more of that. No REAL information. I mean, especially because her hobbies were ACTUALLY "Constantly being proud of Pharon" and "Being really interested in the stories Pharon tells me about so-and-so who secretly conferenced in so-and-so to find out if what's-his-name Like Likes her or not."

Yeah, so, that was my mom's first online profile. Then, it was time to give her a screen name. I can't remember if "Martha" was already taken, but somehow my mom got named MartCity.

I was like "Perek, Mom will be so mad."

But she wasn't mad, because she's awesome like that.

So anyway, just wanted to say Happy Birthday again to MartCity, the bombest mom ever. I love you and know that deep down, you know that I'm your favorite child. :)

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