Monday, July 30, 2012

Most Random Post of All Time

So, I was sitting here quietly thinking of what to write tonight when Geo handed me a hairbrush he found in the couch cushions. He handed it to me with a look of disgust on his face, like I'm some kind of insane pack rat. I took it from him and sneered in his general direction. Lots of people brush their hair on the couch and then tuck the brush in between the cushions. GUH! Then I tried to brush his chest hair, because it's thicker than the hair on my head. He got mad and swatted the brush out of my hand.

Yeah. So that was fun.

My point is that very few exciting things happened today. I worked, watched the Olympics, went shopping with my mom and Prinna, bought some kid's sized Tom's shoes (saved 50% boyeeeeee!) and just had a very great day. Then I came home and tried to brush Geo's chest hair. Normal.

Geo just asked me what I was writing about, and I said "I'm writing about brushing your chest hair." He said "Why? That's really weird. Maybe don't write about that." And I pressed, "Well, is it WEIRD or do you not want me to write about it?" He's all "I mean, it's just really weird."

Too late. I already wrote it. And I just did not have the energy to make a full post about how much it rules that I can wear kids' shoes. I mean, seriously. It's the only children's clothing item that is appropriate for adults to wear. Pants? Shirts? Dresses? No, grown ups can't - or SHOULDN'T, rather - wear any of those items. Too much glitter and floral details. So yeah. In yo face, everyone who doesn't have toddler-sized feet. 

But really the big event was getting on Geo's nerves. I thought it was hilarious. We only have a couple more weeks of this important one-on-one time together before he moves back to Alabummer. And I'm sure at some point, he will look back over this night and be like "What a hilarious and fun-loving girl I've got." That, or he'll be like "It's so awesome that Pharon can wear kids shoes. We'll save so much money on shoes and we can spend MORE on chest hair brushes."

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