Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lost Cause Post

Hey, nerds. I got exactly zero things accomplished tonight. I was SUPPOSED to make a bunch of food and do a bunch of planning for my Super Fun Girlie Cabin Weekend (more on that later) but instead, I drank wine with Liz and did nothing of import.

You guys? I had a LIST. An entire LIST of things I need to buy and prepare. I even made a mental map of how I was going to most efficiently get through the grocery store, so that I still had time to finish the rest of my chores But I looked long and hard at that list before I was like "Ugh. This looks like work. What can I do instead of this?"

Enter: Liz.

SOMEhow, I got distracted by fun wine times with Liz. We had to chat about boys and clothes and stuff. I was trying my hardest to be like "Liz, I am very responsible and serious and not easily distracted. I have to get down to business." Then Liz was all "I"m coming over!" With Geo gone, it was an estrogen free-for-all in this place. And how is a girl supposed to say no to that?! She cannot.

So, here I am. The teeniest bit tipsy with no fancy foods to show for it. To all the ladies depending on me for sustenance this weekend, I'll just go ahead and apologize right now.

I feel, though, that I should give you guys some sort of super inspirational thing to get you through the weekend until I can discuss the Super Fun Girlie Cabin Weekend. Something, like, IMPORTANT.

Here it is: Rosebud.

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