Sunday, July 1, 2012


Listen,  I only have a few minutes tonight. I started watching the HBO series show called Girls and I'm afraid that if I don't watch every awesome episode back to back, I will lose my momentum. So, yeah. I gotta get back to that posthaste.

But I had a pretty girly weekend as well, so I figured "Hey, what an appropriate time to blog about it."

Poor Geo. He doesn't come out looking too manly in some of this, but rest assured that he only partook in these activities for my sake. So yeah. Friday night, we stayed in to watch TV. What did we WATCH on TV, you ask? Women's gymnastics, of course.

After that carrrazy night, Geo and I walked around my new 'hood, which consists of loads of antiques shops. And one store that is huge and only sells lamps. Spoiler alert! The lamp store was the boringest place on the planet. But the antique stores were AWESOME. I saw 100 things I wanted to buy. And all of them were weird old things that smelled bad, but I had convinced myself that I was a female American Picker. Geo lasted about 15 minutes in the antiques store before I found him waiting at the door, deciding how to break up with me.

Apparently, he didn't want to stick around to watch my paint my finger nails, RUDE, so Geo ran for the hills as soon as we got home. For some reason, I then decided to do something I haven't done in like a bajillion years. I. Went. On. A. Run. Say whaaaaaaat?! I know, you guys! I KNOW! I am not one of those "I'm going for a run" girls. It's boring. And difficult! So, I NEVER just "go for a run." Ugh, but whatever. I decided that that's what other girls do, and I am a girl so that's what I did. For about 8 minutes. Then I came home and took a nap.

Luckily for Geo, and VERY unluckily for my skin, today I spent the day at Kim's house swimming in her pool. No boys, no sunscreen. The problem is that all the girls I was "swimming" with are like approx 82 pounds soaking wet. So, I spent more time than usual just STANDING in the pool instead of boppin' around outside of the pool. This is important to note because now I look hysterical. I am only sunburned on my face, ears, neck, shoulders, chest, arms and 1/3 of my back. Beneath that? The skin is all still that lovely pale, non-painful white because it was nicely hidden in the water.

But, all in all, it was a great weekend. Painful, but great. How was YOUR weekend?

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