Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Lost, and I Can't Geocache My Way Out

Yowza. Lots has happened since my last post. Without boring you with the details, here's a quick outline:

1. We've officially moved out of our beloved house.
     a. Cleaning a four bedroom house with just Geo and me was excruciating
     b. Moving while it's 98 degrees outside makes for a cranky Pharon
     c. Geo commented, as we were arguing about the logistics of hauling a weight bench up from our basement, that it was "good couples skill building" because it builds "patience".  I asked "Why, have you lost all yours with me?" and he said "It's just a challenge."  RUDE.
     d. After all was said and done, our house looks better than it did the day we moved in. I wonder if there's any chance I could re-rent it.
     e. I think the process of moving makes the process of LEAVING a place easier. Though I shed a few tears as I was pulling away, I was so relieved to just be DONE that I coped better than I thought.

2.  I've moved into my friend Claire's house.
     a.  It is hard moving into someone else's house when they already live there.  As good of friends as Claire and I are, I can't help but feeling like I'm constantly breaking unwritten rules of the house.
     b.  Unpacking is not nearly as much fun when I know I'll be moving again in the next year, and I just finished one of the most hellish moves ever.
     c.  Why did I pack so many stupid extension cords?
     d.  Why didn't I pack more toothpaste?

3.  I'm an emotional wreck with Geo's impending departure to Alabama on Thursday.
     a.  I thought I was going to be all cool and calm and collected.  I am definitely not.  I told my sister Prinna, in between sobs on the phone, that I thought I'd be doing better than I am.  She told me to not worry about it so much, and it would all be okay, and I knew she was right.  So I blew my nose in a sock and pulled myself together.
     b.  I'm getting a cold, which makes everything worse.
     c.  I haven't made a good food choice in a full week.  I ate a cookie instead of veggies.  French toast instead of fresh fruit.  Bag of Bugles instead of a real lunch.  How do you know if you have gout?  I told Geo "Sorry, but this is probably the fattest I'll ever be.  Technically, it's YOUR fault though, so...yeah."  He said "What? You're crazy.  You look great."  Smart guy.

4.  Geocaching is just not all it's cracked up to be.
     a.  What is geocaching, you ask?
           i.  It's a good way to get outside and walk around and have fun by looking for little mini treasures in your very own neighborhood using a GPS.
           ii.  It's also a very good way to get Lyme's disease
     b.  Why would you go geocaching, Pharon?
           i.  My lovely family wanted to take my mind of going nutso about Geo.  By going GEOcaching.
           ii.  If we would have gone somewhere other than the rain forest we apparently have in Edina, I would have totally loved it.  I like hide and seeking, actually!  But the bugs were THICK AS THIEVES and our GPS was on the fritz so we couldn't actually find anything.  Bummer.
     c.  I will  be geocaching again, though.  It DID take my mind off Geo for at least a little while.  That is, until I decided that Geo would probably LOVE geocaching.  Wah wahhhhhhhh....

So, there it is guys.  My life and weekend in a nutshell.  I've got a desk now, which holds my computer, so my blogs will definitely be easier to put together.  Towards the end of the move, my computer was tucked in my dirty laundry basket, so you can trust that I was shocked to find it at all.  Send me some good thoughts, guys. I've got a lot of adjusting to do here pretty quick, and I am a horribly stubborn person.  What could go wrong??

Alright, I'm off to bed in my new pad for the second time.  Sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

Let's hang out soon! No pressure. You can just cry... while I drink and watch you cry..? It'll be fun.

Call me! V

cindi said...

Well.......on a brighter sure do have a FUN support system !