Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bringing "Awesome" Back

Do you guys just ever have those days when you just feel like...UGH! Like, you've been put through the wringer? That was my day today. Obviously, it's been a day for me, seeing as how I'm getting this blog posted all late at night. I need a pick-me-up. Don't you? Here's what we're all going to do tonight. Let's make a list about how AWESOME we are, shall we? I'll start...

Reason #1 Why I'm Awesome: I think people tell good stories. I don't care if it's the most boring story ever, I still get engrossed. No matter who I'm talking to, THEY are the most interesting person ever in the history of time. I like stories. And I like it when people TELL me stories. Okay, so some of them are legit bad stories with, like, no point to them, but chances are I'll like the way you get all amped about whatever you are saying and I'll ask a zillion questions and you'll get annoyed because you just want to finish the story, but I'm all into the details and at the end of the story you'll always be all "Wow, Pharon totally loved that story." I think that's a pretty sick skill that most people don't have.

Reason #2 Why I'm Awesome: I enjoy reading both Cosmo and Kerouac. Hey, both of them have very insightful views on how to feel good naked life.

Reason #3 Why I'm Awesome: I'm smart without being annoying. Listen, you might be shocked to know that I know lots of stuff. I may not go around shoving facts about Shakespeare in your face, but trust that I have FACTS ABOUT SHAKESPEARE. Nothing is more annoying than a know-it-all. Typically, I keep all my super smart Pharon-isms to maself. However, when I went car shopping with Liz the other day, I peppered in facts about Bugatti that were probably, like, ALL TRUE. Turns out...just because it's on TV doesn't make it untrue.

Reason #4 Why I'm Awesome: I'm a bad liar. I recently tried to tell a lie to my friend Kim, and no one bought it. I have an uncanny need to be honest with people. Do you look fat in those jeans? Maybe. Do you think she's cheating on me? Um, she's not NOT cheating on you. Lies just get you into trouble, and no one likes being in trouble.

Reason #5 Why I'm Awesome: I'm going to fix your problem. I don't care or know what it is, but I'm probably just going to go ahead and solve it for you. I like fixing things. At first, I thought it was limited to my abilities to fix furniture and tiling around the house. BUT! I guess it also applies to, like, personal lives. Got a bad co-worker? I'll give you the perfect snarky retort to her next put-down. You'll win everytime, I promise.

Reason #13 Why I'm Awesome: I'm not good at math, and I embrace that.

Okay, I'm starting to feel a wee bit braggy. I'm almost certain that there's nothing wrong with publicly jotting down you best traits so that other people have to read them. I personally think more people should do this kind of thing more often. I just think it's so dumb when people try and make you feel, uh, not awesome Go ahead, guys. Make an Awesome List today. I know you've got a bajillion of reasons why YOU are awesome. Then send your favorites my way, and I'll showcase them on the here. Post 'em in the comments or shoot an email to and I'll showcase them here for all the fives and tens of people to read. You deserve to be noticed for your awesomeness!

Okay, let's all be great this weekend, shall we? I promise to if you do. And if people forget to tell you this: YOU ARE AWESOME.


Grandmaman said...

Reasons 6 thru 12. You have an AWESOME way of expressing yourself! No matter what the subject you make it interesting and fun!

Madeline Solien said...

Reasons why I'm awesome:
1) I have a magical way of bringing people together at bars
2) I have an uncanny ability to remember a face and EVENTUALLY figure out how I know that face (even if that means they sat 4 tables over from me at lunch and it now makes me creepy)
3) I'm part Nancy Drew, part Librarian (or at least that's what I just told a patron)
4) I hurt myself in the most ridiculous ways possible
5) I have the most awesome friends EVER!