Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Marathon Weekend

Wowza, you guys. Marathons are huge challenges. It takes more than heart and dedication to succeed at participating in marathons. You need the drive to continue, even when you think you can't stand one more minute. You need the strength to pull yourself up against all odds. It's no wonder that not many people can actually handle marathons. But I? I am a champion. I succeed when others fail, I defy the odds and rise up against adversity. I participated in not one, but 2 marathons this weekend. So why do I feel so lazy?

Oh that's right. They were TV Marathons.

Yikes. Listen, I'm not proud of my very serious relationship with my TV this weekend, but I can no longer deny it. It was a situation I couldn't get out of. What, is it just a COINCIDENCE that there was a cycle of America's Next Top Model on all day Friday that I haven't seen before? NO. And on Saturday, what, am I just supposed to turn OFF the Law and Order: SVU marathon? No, sir, I cannot do that. It's educational. I'd be stupid NOT to watch!

To make matters even worse, it was 75 degrees and sunny outside all weekend. I am sure I'll be kicking myself come February when it's all blizzardy and treacherous outside, and I'll be thinking "I would give ANYTHING for a weekend like the one in August when I just laid around inside all day painting my nails and not brushing my teeth." Idiot. But my roommates were gone, I was feeling a little down and missing Geo - I actually DID want to go golf, but my friends who like to golf are way too good to be seen with me. Geo likes golfing with me and would have loved to go with me. It probably would have felt like cheating to go without him, so I decided it best to avoid the situation and get back to Tyra Banks and her crazy weaves.

I know, I know. It was a pretty lame way to spend a whole weekend. But it couldn't be helped. It started because I was not feeling well after a super fun night with Kim and a couple friends. We were up until like 4:30 in the morning, so the next day was - um - painful. I thought "What could an hour or two in front of the ol' boob tube hurt?" Cut to....well, right now. Apparently, I must still be recovering.

It's not like I just didn't have any options, though. There were invites to brunch, texts to go out, laying poolside...lots of deliciously fun options were proposed to me. But for some reason, I just got sucked into the television abyss.

I mean, what a cruel joke the networks play on us poor, unsuspecting people? MARATHONS?! Are you kidding me? They all but DEMAND a compulsion to watch. I pried myself away a few times to do things like grocery shop, bake (and eat) some cookies, and do some Zumba (you know, to counteract the cookies), but each time, I kept strolling back to the TV room to check in on Detectives Benson and Stabler. Is there any case they can't solve??

Yeah, not exactly my proudest moments this weekend. I guess I needed to catch up on my...uh...laying around? Being antisocial? Whatever it was, I think I succeeded in catching up on it. It wasn't easy, though. I wanted to give up more than once. Give up and go outside, or unpack some boxes in my room, but I stuck to my guns. I'm really hoping this is the only weekend I participate in marathons of any kind because it really took it out of me. Hang on though...aren't I supposed to get a medal or something? I certainly earned one...

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