Monday, August 8, 2011

Ginormotron, Buses, and Other Achievements In My Day

Great news!  I didn't get beat up OR humiliated on the bus today.  Sure, I arrived at my stop 145 minutes early this morning. And big whoop if I scanned my Metropass at the wrong time on my way home.  The point is, I made it to work and back here relatively unscathed.  And when I got home from work, instead of being inundated with 100 of my former roommates friends, as I did in the past, I came home and grilled a delicious, healthy dinner with the new roommies.  Sometimes the perks of change sneak up on you.

At any rate, I managed to get back to work today.  I was nervous.  I was scared I had forgotten how to do my job.  I was all "What do I do again??"  But instead, I fell a$$ over teakettle back into my comfortable routine.  I got more done today than I do in any given month.  I was all spreadsheets and sales kits and before I knew it, it was 2 p.m. and I hadn't taken a bathroom break yet.  I'm pretty sure most overachievers eventually develop bladder infections.


Anyhoozle, despite the fact that I kicked buttowski at work it, it turns out I woke up too early, left too early for the bus, and basically wasted a lot of time just waiting around before and after work today.  That's what I get when I overestimate time and always err on the side of getting there/getting things done early.  But maybe I was just overly ready to get back to bidness today.  Because eventually, I was at work, tackling project after project, just thinking "I'm back in control, yo!" and it felt very very nice.

Meanwhile, Claire and I just hooked up Geo's enormotron TV in her basement, and we are now enjoying the fruits of our labor.  A giant Conan O'Brien head?  Yes please!  I'm exhausted now, but I feel good, guys.  I feel like I've gotten a lot accomplished today, and I'm all "King of the World"-y for right now.  I'm assuming this feeling will last oh, I don't know, for about 8 hours and then I'll be at work tomorrow being all "I gotta get out of here!"  I don't know.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Okay, well, Claire is calling me to see a hilarious YouTube video, so duty calls.  Thanks for all your supportive thoughts this morning when I was tackling the white whale that was my New Bus, by the way.  It definitely helped!

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