Monday, August 15, 2011

I Looked Awesome in College (Trust Me?)

Long story short, my girlfriend Freda came into town tonight. We chatted. reminisced, you know how chicks do. Anyway, I had a great time catching up and I showed her the Minnesota scenery by taking her to dinner on the Mississippi River, which was very lovely.

But then we started sorting through old pictures. I learned a few things. First? I looked awesome in college. Second? I looked AWESOME IN COLLEGE. We went through dozens of pictures and I miss the days of printed photographs. It's just not the same as breezing through albums on Facebook. It was so much more pleasing to hand the tangible pictures back and forth with Freda. I wanted to post a picture here, but the internet connection is just not cooperating right now. I'll post a very nice pic soon illustrating just how AWESOME I LOOKED. UPDATE: Just got the World's Best Picture uploaded.


LOOKIN' GOOD, LADY. This was taken, I believe on the night of my 21st birthday. I'll assume that since I appear to be in one piece, this was a picture taken before going out to celebrate with a beer or twelve. I dig my kicky matching sweater set and handmade crown. That lei is a mystery, though, as I did not attend college in Hawaii. I guess it looks festive though? Based on the look on my face, I'm ready to celebrate.

Also? Please note the eyebrow ring. That's right, I was a rebel and had my eyebrow pierced on a whim, on my way to an English class. I think it looks fancy in this pic.

Anyhoozle, I gotta call it a night. It's late, I'm exhausted, and I'm a mature adult who needs to get up for work tomorrow.

Alright guys, let's make this week epic, shall we?

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