Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget to Remember

Unless you were under a rock today, you couldn't escape the patriotism and camaraderie that seeped into an otherwise uneventful day. On this day, ten years ago, September 11 became a day that would live in infamy, if I may steal the words of FDR. The tragedy of that day is certainly not lost on me.

I started watching football today (in my adorable Vikings tee, with a beer and wings...all by my lonesome. All my "football friends" were otherwise engaged or lame, and Claire said she'd be upstairs watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if I decided to become a girl again) and the first of the many, many 9/11 Tributes came on. I will admit I got a little misty. It was touching and tragic, and I got all goose-bumpy for America.

Ten years ago, I was coming home from class, already thinking about going out that night. Everything was the same. No one was taking their shoes off at the airport, there were no Terror Alerts, and Iraq was just another country I couldn't locate on a map. Then it all happened, and everything changed.

Without dwelling on the obvious, though, I will just say that it was and continues to be a day that people will never forget. And so, I took a little extra pride in my day today. American beer, American football, a good ol' American nap, and a very patriotic trip to Dairy Queen. Not exactly the ideals set forth in the American dream, but hey. We all have our own ways.

Anyway, it was all very touching and proud. And despite the fact that the Vikings lost (boo!) it was still a good day to remember all heroes from that day. And also I realized that the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song "Empire State of Mind" is still a totally rad song.

Sorry to get all Serious Man on you guys, but it just didn't feel right being all jokey and desperate for laughs and attention today. Tomorrow, though, I'll get back to the business of making fun of someone/something/myself/you. In the meantime, I WILL leave you with this little tidbit. I leaned down to swat a fly off my foot today, and smashed my forehead into the wooden banister in the backyard. After I cursed at my klutziness, I then smacked my head on a low-hanging planter. I'm pretty sure that the injuries have not caused any major damage - a la brain trauma - but green desks pouch-face horse diet. Slurp!

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