Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brainstorming: Better Take Cover

Okay, how do I put this gently? Uh. Okay. Geo is not exactly good at "brainstorming". We could be walking around Target, and I'll be all "What should I get my niece for her 6th birthday?" or whatever. And he'll just start saying the names of things he sees, as if they are good ideas. "Dog treats? Travel grill? Gallon of milk?" Most of the times, though, he'll eventually stumble on a really great idea. So tonight as I was fumbling for a good idea for a blog, I went to the "master" (via Skype, of course). As soon as he started rattling off his "helpful" ideas, I decided I shouldn't waste these gems. So I started recording them so you can see what I'm dealing with here. Here is the transcript of Geo's suggestions:

* Mountains
* Snowballs
* Dragons
* Dragons on license plates ("Saw one today...really cool.")
* Southern accents
* How they sound stupid
* Slinkies, and the multiple uses of Slinkies. Like holding pictures, or multiple CDs
* [In a very Seinfeld-y voice] And what's the deal with soft-bristle toothbrushes?! Every toothbrush is eventually soft-bristle, why would you waste money on an already soft-bristle?!
* How much Donovan McNabb sucks. Me: I disagree. I'm keeping the faith in McNabb. For now.
* I got a fortune cookie today with no fortune in it. Which is fine, because I only like the cookie part.
* Guys who fly remote control airplanes. Me: What?! Why? Geo: Okay, maybe just uncool hobbies in general.
* Pumped up kicks. That's a good topic. Then you can link to the new Back to the Future Nikes
* Do-It-Yourself projects
* Talk about how I just got a cool new watch-makers kit. Next time you need work done on your watch, just call me and I'll fix it.
* Car fresheners. The only good car freshener flavor is Vanilla. It's not worth buying anything else.
* Fantasy Football? Me: No, no one invited me to be in any leagues, so I'm mad at everyone.

I asked for one more. I said " Come on, any last good ones? A final zinger?" And he said "No, I've only got so many good ideas."

Cool, so where are you keeping those?

So I asked him for title suggestions. He came up with three "winners": Bloggity Blog Blog Brainstorm. Phree Association. Something with GEO in it. Well, I obviously came up with my own title, but as you can see, Geo pretty much always comes up with a good suggestion. This isn't exactly what he's expecting, but you just can't ignore inspiration when it hits.

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