Sunday, May 15, 2011

Becky Home-Ecky

Hey kiddies! Time to get out your safety scissors and protective goggles, because it's Craft Time! After a long, very awesome weekend which included a girls night (and, necessarily, a bad hangover), visiting with my Aunt Sarah who came into town, and a lovely date night dinner with Geo, I was ready to get my hands dirty today. I called Claire and begged her to save me from boredom on this lovely Spring day, and she definitely came through. We ran to Home Depot, Hirshfield's and Joann Fabrics and went back to her house to get to work.

Claire saw these awesome little jewelry holders in a Martha Stewart magazine, and she decided we should make some. I THINK the idea is to use items you already have laying around the house, but we went and purchased all the supplies. In hindsight, it would have been cheaper to buy a pre-made thing, but that would have ruined all the fun. So! Let's get to work!

First, you'll need the appropriate supplies:

(I wasn't sure if I was hot or cold, so I wore a sundress and a thick fleece. It just felt right.)

Okay, then you need to get a board and something to cover the board with. Martha Stewart suggested wallpaper, but after a very useless trip to the wallpaper store, Claire and I discovered that even SAMPLES of wallpaper are pretty pricey. Instead, we opted for expensive gift bags and fancy wrapping paper from Target. Somehow, it added up to be more than the wallpaper. Whoops! Claire + me = Not Good Math. Anyway, here are my choices:

Then you have to wrap up the wood like a little ol' birthday present. This was my favorite part, since I love wrapping presents.

See, the tricky part here is the spray adhesive. Claire One of us had more difficulty with this step than the other.

Go ahead and wrap up the wood until it's a purdy and flat and lovely.

Now, if you are CLAIRE, you'll start losing interest in the current project, and start on another project.

Eventually, we had to get back to business. We had to screw in these little hooky deals into the wood. This proved to be difficult.

Note: Do NOT try and hammer in a screw hook. It will NOT work. After like an hour of failed attempts to try and get the screws in (Claire - please buy an electric drill), we finally managed to the hooks in. Also, given our earlier failed attempts to do math, we decided to straight up forgo the whole "measuring" nonsense.

Here are my finished products:

Aren't they totally adorable?! I love them. Here's an "action shot" (you know, they are ACTIVELY holding some random jewelry).

(Yeah, that's right. I used the small one to hold hair binders and the collection of Silly Bandz I've somehow managed to accumulate. This just goes to show me that I need to buy more jewelry.)

Oh, one other note. We forgot to add the thingamabobs on the back so that we could HANG these up (hence the LEANING against a wall, which kind of makes the whole thing useless for now), but that'll be a project for another day. Anyway, I love 'em. I'm pretty proud of myself for actually MAKING something, with my own two (now blistered) hands. And just a head's up for people who have birthdays coming up: Guess what yooou're getttttting!

All in all, great weekend, and now I actually have something to SHOW for it! Let's get this week started!


Grandmaman said...

Very attractive...but get those "thingamabobs" attached so that they can be used!

Pharon Square said...

Thanks, Grandmaman! Yes, I need to put those things on. I just hope they are easier to put on than the screw hooks!

SARAHABT said...

good job!! VERY IMPRESSES!

cindi said...

omg YOU FINALLY fixed your comment thingie,,,,,,,,,,,anyway regarding your "CRAFT" ..hahahahahahaahahaha!