Friday, May 13, 2011

Damage Control

Okay, so not only was Blogger down for long enough to make me hate the post I was going to post last night (arguably a GOOD thing), but it completely deleted Wednesday night's Dear Crabby. Bad form, Blogger!

So, I'm just going to breeze through this just to give you something to read this weekend when you should be doing better things, but can't seem to pry your hands off your computer.

The dresses I got from Zappos were delivered today yesterday, and they definitely didn’t work out. One is a "maybe" at best, and the other is a "dear God no!" It was hysterically bad. Conceptually, the dress was okay, but here’s a note to any person who makes a dress. Do NOT add ginormous fabric pouches a.k.a. “pockets” way down low on the outer thigh. Not only could I barely REACH the pockets (okay, so my arms are short…whatevs!), but they added approximately 35 pounds to each of my thighs. Gnarly. So much for my "All dresses are perfect for everyone all the time" theory I wrote about yesterday in the now Lost Dear Crabby article. Boo!

I also got a big surprise in the mail (seriously, I NEVER get mail that isn’t a bill. Two packages in one day? SCORE!) Geo's mom sent me this delicious Kate Spade bag. For no reason! Like, it’s not my birthday or anything. But I was stunned! I wasted no time transferring my Subway receipts, dead batteries, old Chap-Stick, single earring, broken hair clip, and Kate Spade wallet into the new bag. She loves it! I feel like a new woman! The bag is just awesome and big and pink and orangey and downright amazingly cute. Thank you, Kristi! :) Sanna made fun of me because when I saw it, I screamed out "OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! WHAT?!?!?! OHMYGOD!" Note: In all fairness, I DID think I was the only one in the house, so my outburst of pure joy was intended for my ears alone. Whoops.

I'm definitely ready to get the weekend started. I'm pretty booked and I have a lot going on, so I'm anticipating some crazy fun.

What else? I don't know, maybe that's all. Um, okay, here's a funny video Geo sent me:

That's funny, right? Yeah, I thought so. Not as awesome as Honey Badger, but pretty good.

Here's something funny Madeline said the other day. She was talking about giving away stuff on her blog, but she didn't have a bunch of money. She said she was going to print pictures of herself and sign them and give them to her "fans". Then she said:

"I just made myself laugh thinking about sending people signed photos of I'm Kirk Cameron or something."

As if Kirk Cameron was the coolest, most popular person she could think of at that moment. This is why I love Madeline.

Okay, I think I'm out of randomness. Also, I'm thinking about buying a pet. But, like, one that doesn't need to be taken outside to poop or one that doesn't poop in a litter box and claw my eyes out when I sleep. Ideas???

That's it. That's all I got, folks. I'm sitting here salivating over my new bag, so I've got better things to think about anyways. You have yourselves a good weekend, okay? If you can think of any randomness, damage control-y stuff I forgot, slap it in the comments!!

See you all on Sunday night!

Okay, this is the second post this week with a TV theme song. Oh well. Handle it.

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Grandmaman said...

Glad to see your "comments" have been revived. Wish I had a comment!