Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun for the Whole Family!

Well, lookie what we've got here. Looks like you, like me, didn't quite fit the bill to be chosen for the Rapture on Saturday. Sinners. Did you go to a Rapture party? Give away all your possessions? If so, I bet you're feeling preeeetty stupid about now. Oh well, there's always 2012 according to the Mayans. Better luck next time.

Regardless of the possibility of Judgment Day, I had a splendid weekend. The theme was "having inordinate amounts of fun with my family." On Friday night, as Geo and I were driving to my 5 year-old niece's preschool choir recital (OMG, SOOOO cute! Annabelle goes to a Spanish preschool, so all the songs were in Spanish!), he casually mentioned that he thinks I'm "obsessed" with my family. Rude, right?! But okay, so yes, we drove to Eden Prairie for what turned out to be a 10 minute concert, but so what? Annabelle was all smiles and cuteness when she saw an entire ROW of her biggest fans.

Then Geo and I joined my mom, dad, aunt Sarah, and her husband Bill for a super delicious meal at Hazeltine before going to my parents house for a good ol' fashioned night of gambling and taking each others money. We drank wine, listened to music, and basically had an awesome time. On our way home, Geo was all "You seriously like to spend a lot of time with your family." I was all "Yeah?! So what?! That was super fun!" He's all (again) "I know, I know, I'm just saying you are obsessed with them. We don't spend that much time with MY family."

First problem with that argument? WE LIVE WITH HIS SISTER. What, she doesn't count as family? Also? Even when Geo comes to family events with me, my brother Perek is always there. Perek and Geo are besties, so I hardly think it's much of a stretch to hang with my fam when he is essentially just spending time playing with his friend. Oh yeah, and his family lives in South Dakota. Sorry that my family lives so close and they also happen to be AWESOME. Sue me!

So Saturday, after many hours of recovering from the wine the night before, I got all dolled up to meet my parents, Sarah and Bill, and Prinna and her husband out at Famous Dave's to see this awesomely awesome band CBO (if you EVER get a chance to catch one of their shows, GO. I assure you you will not be disappointed). I was getting ready and I asked Geo "Are you SURE you just wanna stay in by yourself tonight?" He didn't even take his eyes off his video game. "I'm playing HALO with [his brother] Jami tonight. I'm spending time with my family." Yikes.

Turns out, he missed an incredibly fun night. I started with a margarita, followed that up with a basket of spicy wings, and for dessert I had like 4 tall beers. Always such a lady... When the band started playing, we hopped up and headed to the makeshift dance floor. I was wearing my new platforms stilettos and managed to only trip about 3 times. Winning! At one point, the trumpet player in the band came and sat with us during a break. That's right, people. I know a guy in the band. I think that gets me like 6 degrees of separation from Prince or something. The guy was actually my middle school band director. He was EVERYone's favorite teacher, and sitting next to him while drinking a beer just felt right.

When Geo picked me up, it was clear I had had a sufficiently fun night. I kicked my shoes off in the car and stuck my head out the window to cool off while babbling about how underrated Famous Dave's is and how funny my parents are. I wanted Geo to KNOW he missed a good time.

Although, I got home and saw Halo on the TV, Geo's nerdy Xbox headset still buzzing with nerdy gamer conversations with his brother, and a half-eaten tube of cookie dough and knew that his version of a great night differed greatly from my own.

In order to try and recoup SOME quality time together, Geo decided to embrace being "left behind" in the Rapture by taking me to lunch at Hell's Kitchen today, which was incredibly good. And after only a minimal amount of persuasion on my part, he agreed to go to see Bridesmaids with me. People? Run, do not walk, to that movie. It's finally a hysterical movie showcasing female talent. And we BOTH loved it. See? I can have fun without my family! Sheesh... (Although I have a feeling my FAMILY would have appreciated my very long story about how I organize my purse way more than Geo did...)

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Anonymous said...

I had a hangover to beat the band....yikes!!so much fun...thanks for coming out...GEO missed some good old fashion fun!! Obsessed with family! NOT! Its called LOVE!! LOL