Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Can Doooo It!

Up(percut)date! I was flirting with the idea of skipping kickboxing tonight. I know, I know...that'd make 2 weeks in a row. Whatevs. So, I'm sitting in the parking lot, spying on the gym, and I called Geo. Earlier in the day, he had made me lavish promises of making me a grilled dinner tonight. I called him to tell him I was probs going to ditch out on class and to fire up the grill, and he says, "Oh. Uh, I already ate. Sorry!" So, I went to kickboxing and punched the crizzap out of the bags because I was annoyed. Turns out? It paid off.

Scary Tony came up to me as I was packing up to leave and says "Listen, I think you should come to zhe Monday night class." I was all "Am I that bad??" And he's all "No, zhere's a girl your size with great technique like you and you both need a challenge. I want you to spar."

Oh. My. Gah. Sparring is kiiiiind of a big deal. It may involve a helmet and possibly a mouth guard, I don't know. But I am terrified STOKED. Never mind that Monday night will be the end of a long weekend, but the closest I've ever come to sparring is threatening to punch Geo for cancelling a grilled dinner.

So, whatever, that kind of rules. I'm pretty proud of myself. I haven't gotten this kind of pat-on-the-back since like high school sports. Having a coach who is all pushy and yell-y and crazy until you succeed is probably something I could use in my every day life. I like it when someone pushes me like that. I'm a little, uh, lackadaisical when it comes to pushing MYSELF. I go as far as I think I can go, and then I call it a day and eat a bagel. But there's something about a coach that just, like, drives me.

I had some of the greatest coaches. I've had really terrible coaches, too. But no matter who they were, I was desperate to impress them. I showed up to my Under-12 soccer practice and proudly displayed what I thought was my sick 6-pack (turns out, they were just my ribs) to my coach. She high-fived me and I was elated. All that "work" I had done (20 sit-ups before practice) was toooootally worth it when I got that high five.

In high school, it was way harder to impress coaches. They were all super busy and there were all these all-star kids who were getting scholarships to college and whatnot. Not me. I wasn't the type who was getting an athletic scholarship (too small, too not-into-getting-athletic-scholarships), so I kind of fell by the wayside. Luckily, I had a cheerleading coach who didn't discriminate. He yelled at everyone so I did pretty well there.

But after the recognition from Scary Tony tonight, I'm kind of into the idea of hiring more coaches to run my life. Like a Cleaning Coach. You know, "Hey you wuss! Get off your butt and put those clothes in the dryer! Come on, 10 more windows to wash! You can do it!" Or maybe a Makeup Coach. "I KNOW you can put that blush on better than that! What do you think you're doing? Give me at LEAST 1 more set of putting on that mascara! You're putting that lip gloss on like a GUY! Come on!"

I feel like I could really benefit from someone (not related to me, or someone I hang out with on a regular basis, so don't get any ideas, jerks) keeping me on my toes when it comes to the most basic of human skills. Is this something that exists? Meh, whatever. I'm just going to go sleep and hope someone else does it.

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