Monday, May 16, 2011

Psycho Monday

The weather is nice, the birds are chirping, the grass is green. You know what that means. Many of the happiest happy hours are in the very near future. I kicked it off in fine style by visiting Psycho Suzi's in Northeast Minneapolis. We sat outside, with a waterfront view of the ol' Mississippi river, surrounded by tiki torches, tons of ticky tacky decorations, and other Minnesota staples. Like I said a couple days ago, my aunt Sarah is visiting from Rhode Island, and we decided to do a super fun "only in Minnesota" kind of Happy Hour. So we headed towards the glow of the tiki torches.

My mom, sister Prinna, aunt Sarah, Geo and I sat around, sipping margaritas and nibbling on cheese curds and pickle roll-ups. There was some insane chick water skiing on the river (which is, like, totally gnarly given the amount of garbage tossed in there), and after some jerk threw water all over everyone, some leather-clad biker dude gingerly mopped off my mom's jacket. It was the best kind of chaos. Worlds collided. And it was perfect.

So, we're sitting around, chatting and Sarah (who is kind of famous for her frequent comments on here) asked "So, are you like sitting here thinking about what to write on your blog?" And I said "Not really, I'm just hangin' out." She continued, "Man! I mean, are you sitting here thinking of things like 'The water lapped against the shore, the ice glistened in my glass against the salty margarita while we talked about the plans for the week'? Are you just memorizing everything?!" I had kind of zoned out during this, further illustrating my "writing process" ain't exactly poetic. Instead, I just soaked it all in. It's not very often that any of my mom's 6 sisters or brother visit us, so I wanted to enjoy it. (Okay, so maybe I took a few pics when no one was looking...)

Sarah is like one of those perpetual motion thingies that geniuses keep on their desks. They just keep going and going and going and going. She's all kinds of energy, so any time spent with her is bound to be fun. And coupled with her boisterous Rhode Island accent, we were pretty much the center of attention all night, despite the competing ambiance and drunkards. It's always a good time.

When I was much younger, Sarah used to make me bedazzled jean jackets (before bedazzling was even a twinkle in the infomercial's eye), she'd play the most elaborate game of Restaurant with us, and generally blow my mind with her ability to foster a young kid's imagination. She taught me how to French braid and how to sing "Goddess on a Mountaintop". It's great having her visit, but it's even greater to sit around and drink adult beverages and relax with her instead of always being in a state of pretend.

Anyhoozle, it was a great time. Plus, Happy Hours on Mondays make if feel like the week hasn't even started yet. It's like Sunday's annex. I could definitely get used to this.

Okay, so I walk in the door at home, all high on Vitamin D and sunshine, and Sanna and Tina are mid-workout. They recently got the Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs and were sweating it out in the living room. I jumped right in and started the ab workout with them, still in my jeans and tank top. (I have a good feeling that I worked off the Suzi's Tater Tots in that 5 minutes.) Something about Psycho Suzi's gets me all "down for anything". Combine that with the energy of my aunt and I'm even ready to work out for no good reason. Yay! I feel ready to start the week now. Like, for real start the week. Let's get Psycho again soon, shall we?

(Photo courtesy of the awesome biker dude smoking a big cigar and dropping f-bombs like he had Tourette's - a.k.a. my mom's biggest fan.)


Grandmaman said...

I KNEW your blog would be full of Sarah! She is great source material!
PS...Martha looks so pretty in that pic!

Anonymous said...

yes - I also noticed Martha with the red leather jacket! I assume she bought it to go with her Hot Red Mother's Day Mustang Convertible!!