Monday, May 30, 2011

ME ME MEmorial Day

There is absolutely nothing better than a three-day weekend. Besides, of course, a four-day, five-day, six-, or even seven-day weekend. Seven-day weekends would be tops in my book. But, as it is, a three-day weekend was positively loverly. How do we, as Americans, not have more three-day weekends? Seriously, I'm like energized and PSYCHED to tackle the work week now. Too many BBQs, late mornings, and margaritas makes me a very dull girl.


I'm not dull. I was busy every single day. But, like, the kind of "busy" that's not stressful or maddening. Geo and I spent most of the weekend visiting our friends Chad and Angie in Rochester, MN. We played golf and Settlers, had a bonfire, hit up some restaurants, did a little shopping, it was great.

Update! So yeah, I went golfing with Geo, Mitch, and Chad on Saturday. Three guys, one girl. On our car ride to Rochester (in between awesome Britney Spears songs - my choice, not Geo's), Geo warned me "Listen, I want you to have fun golfing, but just keep in mind that there are going to be people playing behind us. I'm a titch worried you'll be too slow."


Halfway through our golf game (a total of 9 holes), Geo looked at me after a particularly wonderful drive on my part, and, bewildered, said "Your shot is so, uh, pure. You can definitely golf with me anytime." I was elated. I probably have to hand it to my super adorable new golf shoes, but my super gooey-smooth-lovely swing didn't hurt anything either. Oh, wait, did I mention I shot a 77? That's like what TIGER shoots, you guys! (Okay, he shoots that on a bad day, on a super crazy hard course, on 18 holes...I played 9 on a public course while drinking Coors Light, but whatever). Also, I got a sweet little farmer's tan on my arms, and chest which is like SOOOOO in right now. Right?

Anyhoozle, I'm pooped. I'm tired and a little sunburned and a lot sad the weekend is just about over. I tried to keep it going as long as possible by having a little BBQ with my friends Claire and Marissa, and we all wore sundresses, and it was like 80 degrees, and there was fruit salad, and it was great. But then it was all work work work. I had to fetch my work-wear laundry from our scary basement, prepare some lunches for the week, and snag a little catnap while brainstorming blog ideas. Needless to say, I came up short on the blog part, but whatever. We can't all be awesome all the time. I used up the majority of my awesomeness on the golf course and later at drinking games (What up, Bag Game!?). Obvs, I dominated at those, so something's gotta give.

I guess I'll just end by saying thanks to Chad and Angie for their great hospitality, thanks to Coors Light for unofficially sponsoring my holiday weekend, and serious big ups to the real reason we lucky jerks get to enjoy a long weekend: the men and women in the military who have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives for all of us. Thank you!

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