Wednesday, February 13, 2013


You guys, it has been A DAY. A rough day, if I'm being honest. Nothing bad in particular happened, but you know those days when you just feel like you are in a pair of pants that are just barely too small while people spit shards of glass at your face and try to make you do math in front of an audience while it's 15 degrees too hot? That's how I felt. I was all stressed out, frustrated and weepy and I just couldn't pull myself together. I turned off my phone, shut down my computers and took a mental holiday for a couple hours after I got home from work.

When I got home, there was a package at my door. And it hadn't even been stolen yet! (Yeah, there's a thief in/watching my building who is stealing people's packages. I ordered a swatch of fabric which was delivered yesterday, and thought it would have been a majorly hilarious middle finger to the thief. "Way to steal an effing piece of green cloth!" Jerk.) Anyway, I looked at the package and saw it was from Kate Spade. Well, technically it was from Geo. And I knew immediately it was my Valentine's Day present.

I knew this because I told him what I wanted and repeatedly reminded him to get it for me. Silver heart necklace? COME TO MAMA. (I'm not a terrible girlfriend, BTW. I got Geo a pretty baller gift too.)

Right after I got the package, I got a call from Geo telling me to cheer up and he said I could go ahead and open up the box, even though I was going to TRY and wait until actual Valentine's Day to open it.

I started feeling better immediately. Like the phone call and necklace were kryptonite for the tight-pants-glass-eye-hot-public-math scenario. Oh, Valentine's I love thee. In the past, I have  never really cared all that much for this so-called Day of Love. Cupid freaks me out and I'm pretty sure he's just shooting people with diabetes in the form of an arrow and box of chocolates, Valentines are cheap, perforated excuses for postcards and the whole damn day revolves around giving presents to people in an attempt to bribe them into loving you. Romantic? I think not.

But this year I will embrace Valentine's Day. Hey! Since Geo's all the way in Alabummer spending the holiday with his buddies having a golf weekend, would YOU be my Valentine this year, dear readers? Can we have a virtual smooch-fest and dance to Etta James in dim lighting while feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries and tangling up our arms to drink champagne? Then afterwards we can give each other My Little Pony valentines that say things like "Let's Naaaaaay-ver be apart, Valentine!" and eat those disgusting conversation hearts. It'll be fun, guys! And you don't even need to buy me jewelry! (I mean, you CAN, but you don't HAVE to.)

Anyway, I hope you all have a loverly Valentine's Day full of smooches and candy, and zero shards of glass spit in your face! <3 nbsp="">

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sarah ABT said...

did I miss something? what was in the box?