Monday, February 11, 2013

Speed Round

Here is a list of reasons why I'm very tired tonight:

* I spent the weekend in Madison with Kelly and Madeline
* In the nights leading up to the big trip, I was so excited about it that I couldn't sleep
* The car trip was like 4 hours on Friday night, and somehow, sitting in one place for that long makes me sleepy.
* Seeing my girlies together for the first time in years was so awesome and we had a LOT of talking/listening/laughing/animated-story-retelling-from-college to do, and it felt like I had just done world's hardest workout
* We stayed up late drinking both nights
* Even though we stayed up late, we kept waking up early anyways. Not a good combo.
* I ate my weight in meat at this fun Brazilian steakhouse place last night and I'm still in a protein coma
* Instead of taking my regular Weekend 4-Hour Nap, we went shopping all day yesterday and all that walking and card-swiping really takes it out of a girl
* It can be a lot of work to try and cram years of quality Friend Time into 2 short days.
* Still couldn't take a nap today because I was busy driving through the most violent weather ever known to man. Not a good time to try and catch a few winks.
* Seriously, the driving was so freaky and I'm hoarse now from yelling at the billions of giant semi-truck drivers to "GET AWAY FROM ME! JUST PASS ME!"
* There were times when I was driving so slowly, and in such poor visibility, that I thought my car was simply spinning it's tires and not going anywher
* On top of the stress of driving, I was worried about getting lost and realized about 3 minutes after leaving Madeline's parents' house that my phone was not connecting to the server and I couldn't get directions until I was 10 minutes into the worst drive ever.
* Even after I collapsed on my bed after I got home, I was so pumped with adrenaline and fear from the drive that I couldn't calm down.
* It bears repeating: So. Much. Meat.

So that's why I'm exhausted and just want to go to sleepskeez. All the best parts of this weekend went too fast while all the dumb parts seemed to take forever. Next girls' weekend? You ladies are coming HERE and staying for like a year. Deal?


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