Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Mad, I Tell You!

You would think that being away for 2 1/2 days would not require 6 pairs of shoes, but you'd be wrong. Very, very wrong. Especially when it's a Super Fun Girls' Weekend!!!

Yeah, my friends Madeline and Kelly and I are meeting up in Madison to hang out, catch up and get down this weekend. (This is big, considering I had completely written Madison off as a desirable place every since those a-holes Wait Listed me at the U. Badgers drool, Hawkeyes rule.)

So we're planning on it being a very good weekend. Let me break this down for you: We will be staying at Madeline's parents house and meeting Kelly's baby for the first time. One of those things reminds me of high school. But which one?! Anyways, it's been difficult to plan on an outfit that is appropriate for all audiences, meaning adults, babies and college pals. Sounds like a job for leggings.

Unfortch, I have start the brutal process of updating my iPhone with good music/podcasts for the car ride. My computer is whack and my Internet connection leaves MUCH to be desired. Plus, apparently my phone is too full to get a software update, so I've got some tough decisions to make. Do I really need Angry Birds on my phone? How many pictures of Claire's old foster dogs SHOULD I keep on my phone?  You know, hard-hitting decisions like that.

On top the lengthy I.T. thing I have going on, I've also got to get back to overpacking too many clothes into several bags. Knowing that there's no possible way I'll ever be able to wear every single outfit I'm packing is both reassuring and maddening.

Okay, back to biznasssss, people. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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