Monday, July 11, 2011

Pod-dy Mouth

Ugh. Mondays. Amiright?? Yeah, I'm right. Pretty much the only thing that gets me through the first long day of the work week is my podcasts. They're like my versions of soap operas. My Stories, if you will. And Mondays are the days when they're all new. So, back-to-back-to-back podcasts is the name of the game.

I like to up my hipster/smarty pants street cred by starting with a little This American Life. Then I catch up on the "news" with Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Then it's off to science class with The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. It's freakishly regimented. At this point in the day, I'm feeling all well-rounded and whatnot.

Then it's on to WTF Podcast with Marc Maron. That's where it gets all nitty gritty, down and dirty, crude and rude. It's like one of the funniest podcasts ever. Basically, this dude Marc Maron has been in the Stand-Up Comedy circuit for like a billion years (or, like 30). He knows everybody who has ever stepped foot in an open mic night. He's tight friends with Louis C.K. He met with Charlie Sheen to give some insight on the crazy. He's hated and envied and gotten drunk with seriously every comic ever. So, he's good stuff to listen to.

What you should be prepared for: He's intensely neurotic. He's got serious issues with his parents, his ex-wives, booze (he's been sober for over 10 years, but still loves to reminisce about the hazy nights of the past), everything. He talks incessantly about who he thinks does and does not deserve to be a famous comedian. He waxes nostalgic about the good ol' days of comedy at length. But, still, he's endearing. Is it the fact that he podcasts in his own GARAGE, which he calls the Cat Ranch because there are cats everywhere? Probably. I mean, he just has people like Ben Stiller come and chill in his garage and after his own round of neurosis has subsided, he somehow gets people like Conan O'Brien to talk about their childhood, and what it REALLY felt like to be shot down by NBC. It's intimate. And it's hilarious.

Lately, Marc Maron has been popping up everywhere: The Onion's A.V. Club, Entertainment Weekly, blah blah blah. He's been doing his podcast for a few years now, and I started listening last year. Therefore, I'm pretty sure I can take a hefty dose of credit for that. Nevermind his crazy work ethic, and his unfailing dedication to the craft of comedy. Nah, it's probably the fact that I listen every Monday (and Thursday!) and make other people listen to him all the time.

Anyway, I need some more podcasts to listen to. I'm all done with my Monday shows, and I need something for Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. Do you guys listen to podcasts? What's good? What don't I know about? Most importantly, though, go listen to all those podcasts I mentioned. They will learn ya some lessons, and put a chuckle in your buckle. (What? Who says that?! Me, I guess.) But seriously folks, what podcasts are out there that are Must Listens?

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