Friday, July 22, 2011

For Sale

Wowza. It's WAAAAY past my bedtime. But Geo and I went to see his friend Grant's new house, and before we knew it, we were downing cheese puff balls and finding out what vodka, wine, and cheese balls do to a body. I'm otherwise consumed with the moving process, though. Sorry. BUT! Great news for everyone looking for stuff to buy! Here's what I'm selling on craigslist. Unless you want to tempt the fates and let some crazy rando come to my house and buy this stuff and then possibly stab me, you should snatch it up!!

Do you like to sit or lay down? Then these couches are for you. They are made of fabric and have a nice, soft cushiony feel to them. Like the Williams' sisters, they work best as a pair.

Needless to say, this priceless armoir is a masterpiece in Swedish construction. Designed by IKEA and hand put-together by a half-Swedish gal (me), this feat in design is great for putting your clothes into.

I mostly used this desk as a third closet. It's very useful for storing: clean laundry, dirty laundry, pants, towels, shoes, and kickboxing wrist wraps. Also, I hear you can put a computer in there and store all your important files. Handy!

WOW. This TV stand sure can hold a lot of things. It's all metal and glass, so it's like crazy simple to keep clean. And it basically blends in with all your decor since you can barely see it under all those cords and gadgets. What a steal! (Meanwhile, none of the items pictured are included with the sale of the TV stand. They are only there to show how awesome this thing is at holding important stuff.)

And finally, these bar stools are awesome resources to have when you'd like your guests to be able to sit down. They are comfortable, easy to clean (or so I'm told by the people who clean them), and the best part is that they can be used outside. We've had them on our deck for one year, and they still look bad amazing.

So stop on by and buy all this crap, wouldja?! I need to get this moved out, or I risk breaking my back trying to move it myself. Would you want that kind of injury on your conscience? I highly doubt it. Just do, guys. Buy my furniture so I don't have to move it.



cindi said...

HA! I wish Craigslist was as entertaining to read...I just "caught up" with your summer posts and I am just blown away (that means awed) by your continuous humor and creative very fun to read !!!

Pharon Square said...

Thanks Cindi!! I tried to post funny little things on Craigslist, but I just came off sounding like a crazy person who probably wears two different shoes and yells at the clouds. /fail