Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get on Board

My brother made a good point this weekend. Perek was all "Do you ever think, like, how weird it will be that your kids someday will be able to read all your blogs and know everything you did?" And I was all "Yeah, it'll be totally awesome. They'll know how totally cool I am." And then this weekend happened. I spent way more time than any self-respecting adult should spend playing board games. Talk about cool!

Friday night, Perek and Geo's friend KG came over and we all played the nerdiest of nerdy board games, Settlers of Catan. I don't know why I play with them. I almost NEVER win, but for some reason they still target me and try and take me out of the game early. Maybe it's just because I'm a girl? I don't get why they'd try and remove the ONLY part of their gaming experience that keeps them from being nerdy, anti-social gamers - you know, girls. I'm keeping their reps above water here.

Then we switched to Trivial Pursuit, where I really carried my team. And I did so by falling asleep halfway into the game to let Geo play in peace without me constantly interrupting him by saying "Why would ANYONE even know that question?! It's unfair. I want a new one." Pretty sure he still lost, though. Turns out, he could have really used my help with the Entertainment category. How can you NOT know that the song "Mister Cellophane" is from the musical Chicago?? Duh.

But the real fun was on Saturday night. Geo and I were randomly invited to a friend of a friend's Yahtzee party. Yeah. You read that right. It was legit, too. We went over to their house and each paid the $10 buy-in. There was a big ol' brackety chart thing showing who would move on after each round. It was the place to be apparently, and there were like 12 other people playing in the head-to-head tournament. So we settled in to our respective games and got down to business. All around the house you'd hear "YAAAHHHTTZZZEEEE!" Or, more commonly "Come oooooon.....Yahtzee! NOOO!" I lost in my first round, which was lame. I thought I was being helpful by pointing out to my opponent "Hey, don't roll again, that's Large Straight, right?! You should take that." Stupid, stupid, stupid. She beat me by like 40 points - or, the equivalent of one Large Straight. But it was surprisingly a great time. I was nervous, too, what with all the public displays of math going on around me. I thought for sure someone would call me out on my finger-counting, but no one seemed to mind. (Plus, I saw more than a couple other people tapping their fingers as well, so that was comforting. Wait, in hindsight, we really should have had an official score counter. I messed up my math at least a half dozen times because finger-counting is not always "exact" sadly.)

So, just another craaaaazy weekend under my belt. What about you? How was yours? I really hope at least one of you played some sort of analog (read: board) games so I don't feel like such a loser. (Oh, and it totally didn't help that I didn't win ANY of the games of I played, so I can't even brag about that. I think that makes me a Super Loser. Maybe I win at being the biggest loser? Will that work? Yeah, I'm going to go with that.)

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