Monday, March 4, 2013

Goals vs. Reality

Okay, so if you're friends with me on Facebook (and you'd BETTER be...) you have likely seen that I have finally gotten around to posting the photos from the engagement photo shoot we did in December! Huzzah! So, okay, I posted them on FB and got loads of kind words and compliments, but I felt like a fraud getting all the praise. Professional makeup jobs and a top-notch photographer can make doody on a hot sidewalk look great. So, in order to keep it real, I just wanted to put what I was really thinking before/after the pics. 

The Goal: Before the pic, I was like "I really think I should have my mouth closed in a bunch of pictures. When I smile big, my top lip disappears and I look strange. And I don't want to look TOO excited to be here. All the famous people take pics with their lips closed and they look so demure."
The Reality: I don't look demure, I look like I'm just finishing a bagel. Which I very well may have been.

The Goal: I love this idea. Two people gazing into each other's eyes lovingly...
The Reality: Has Geo ever seen my face this close? I am pretty sure my nose is trying to poke Geo's eyes out, which is why he had to close them.

The Goal: I really love candid photos of us being us. Me making Geo laugh, hanging out together. What could go wrong? Natural is easy!!
The Reality: Geo looks very charming and natural when he laughs. I, on the other hand am trying very hard to suck in everything and stick my chin out so I don't have a double chin, thereby only enhancing the pointiest chin in the world. Even though I was very conscious of the photographer, I still can't must up the energy to SIT UP STRAIGHT.

The Goal: Yay! Casual conversation time! It'll be so simple and easy!
The Reality: "Suck it in, Pharon. Suck everything in while also willing your nose and chin to stop being sharp enough to slice through the time continuum."

The Goal: should I smile in this?. I have two options: Laugh maniacally or just try and be cool with the fact that Geo's kissing my face. IN PUBLIC. I'll give my closed-mouth-look one more shot because I feel like this picture won't work because I'm actually looking at the camera and REAAAALLY want to stick my tongue out. What do I do with my hands? What do I do with my hands?
The Reality: Um, hellllloooooo cheekbones! Loved this picture so hard I wanted to marry it. No complaints. Except that I said to Geo "This is my fave!" And he said "Really? I think it looks the least like you!" Probably because my profile features are not threatening to poke anything out on him. Yowza.

I'm not posting these pictures because I want accolades or comments or anything (SERIOUSLY). I'm posting them because I really want people to understand how self-conscious and mistaken I am while I'm taking pictures. I'm wrong 99% of the time and don't understand how I will look. This is why I just want to give extra props to the people who made me look like a normal person. It also made me super stoked to be marrying such a good looking, photogenic dude! Hubba hubba...

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I'm catching up on my Pharon Square reading and just saw this post -- I love it! ~Missy