Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bow Down

Happy Easter, everyone! How was your weekend? Was chock full of chocolate, eggs and other types of food like mine? I HOPE SO. Anyway, my sister Padrin was in town with her fam for the holiday, and it was a great way for me to really focus on me. How does that work? I'll tell you.

My nephew Gus is in a very stylish point in his young life (he's like 9 I think. Between ages 5 and 16, they're all the same to me.) Anyway, he is in this bow tie phase and apparently has been rockin' one for weeks now, and he looks great. This weekend, however, he brought a real bow tie for Easter. Like, not a pre-tied one. 

There are two reasons this was awesome for me: 1) Geo, like Gus, has an excellent fashion sense. For our wedding, Geo ALSO wants to rock some real BTs and I like knowing that even the kids are still loving the classics. 2) I've ALWAYS wanted to know how to tie a BT. Hot women in movies always know how to tie a man's bow tie. It's never the train wrecks who straighten and fix a man's tie, it's always some chic put-together women. And if you've learned anything from this blog, it's that I'm constantly wanting to be that kind of woman but fail 99.99% of the time.  

So on Saturday night, we realize that no one in my fam knew how to tie a bow (except my good ol Daddio, but we didn't learn that until later). I STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE.

Gus gave me his tie and I tried several times to no avail. People were losing all faith that Gus would be the dapper dude at church  because I couldn't get it together. 

But a few YouTube videos later, I was tying that bow tie like a BOSS. I practiced a billion times on myself, and then tried it on Gus. (Lesson: There is nothing that 9-year-old boys like less than an aunt all up in their personal space grooming them.) I had hit a home run.

I was super psyched. I had learned a valuable, useful and pretty unique life skill in one night. Why can't all lessons be this easy? I had all these images of me being sought out at my wedding by guys who need their bow ties tied properly. "We KNOW Pharon is getting her hair done, but she's the only person in the world who can make us, a group of ragtag guys, look amazing. We NEED her!" Most people would hate having all that distraction on a wedding day, but I will take any opportunity to be popular. 

At Easter lunch today, I showed off my new talent to my aunts and grandma, all of whom were impressed. My grandma was like "Well, that looks absolutely perfect. So fast, too!" SCOREEEEEEEEEE. 

I wanted to show off to Geo, so I had Padrin take a video of me on Sat. night demonstrating to him the latest reason that I'm a pretty useful chick to be marrying. I sent it to him and he said "Very impressive." I'm assuming that he's sending my flowers and medal in the mail. 

Anyway, here's the vid. I'll accept accolades, applause, acclaim and appointments to come and tie your man's bow tie anytime. 


Anonymous said...

he's 10... lol! Great job!


sarah ABT said...

oh my!! that is!!!!